Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday wrap-up

Do you know what two of the best words in the English language are? Cake Buffet. Seriously, what could be more brilliant. Let's think of other good ones: free refills (ok, free anything qualifies), napping toddler, uninterrupted sleep. Ok, back to cake. Every year, the women in our church gather together for a broadcast/conference/what-have-you. It comes via satellite, and the local women decided that we should follow the broadcast with something delicious (naturally). And then someone, surely a candidate for the Nobel Peace prize, suggested a cake buffet. Sign me up!

So they do have some crazy awesome rules about bringing it on a specific kind of cake plate and that it be homemade and that you should probably have a streak of perfectionism. I love all of these ideas (except for the whoever obviously brought a store-bought cake. I totally forgot to look down my nose at whoever that was - dangit!) and last year it was a big hit (I brought a Toffee-topped Spice Cake - I don't know about those poor reviews - the ladies practically licked the platter clean). This year I decided to bring another version of a spice cake. Several years ago the lovely Christine gave me a recipe for a Coconut Spice Cake and I've been wanting to make it again, so this was the perfect opportunity. Crystallized ginger in the cake AND the cream cheese frosting? Fasten your seatbelts, people! Except that when I was finished, the flecks of orange zest and small bits of ginger actually looked like maybe they were threads of carrots and chunks of pineapple? Oh nooooo. If someone thinks they're biting into pineapple, they're in for a rude awakening. There were some very delicious cakes there and I think a cake buffet is always a good idea.

It was a good end to an eventful day. I rose early, ran a little over 6 miles with the lovely Sylvia, and then showered and changed for Donovan's soccer game. He seems to be a natural sweeper and his look of intensity was something I was hoping to capture except that we got to the field and Joel announced that his battery was dead. *sigh* Afterward, Donovan was scowling at me and then brightened and said, "Mom, what do fink I'm doing when I make dat face?" That you're thinking you are going to GET!THAT!BALL! "Hey, you're wight!" Amazing. He did not score this time, despite more close calls than I can count. The only down side to the weekend (for him) was learning where a gentleman is most delicate. This was discovered when he was riding his bike and crashed into our neighbor's house(!) and came in crying. There, with the door open for anyone in the front yard to see, he begins to drop drawers and pull *it* out. Whoa, little man, let's head to the bathroom! All while moaning about how it hurts. In that moment I was extremely grateful that Joel was home - what do *I* know about this kind of thing. Joel asks, "Where does it hurt?" Donovan, with his head back, eyes closed, pain streaked across his face (bike helmet with flames still attached - making the whole scene all the more amusing. seriously, kids should ALWAYS wear helmets), moans, "Oh Dad, it hurts all OVER!" Joel softly chuckles and says, "That's what I thought. It will get better," then turned and said, "It's like he just got punched in the nuts." Eloquent.

Gemma has taken two steps. TWO. That's about as far as she feels the need to go. She stands there, looking around, takes two steps, and sinks to her knees. We're getting there. Someday she'll actually walk. Maybe even run. Man, I love this kid.

Ainsleigh hasn't done anything remarkable, except just be her (though in my own mind that is remarkable enough). She's just so BIG. She's just walking around, doing big-kid stuff, having big-kid thoughts, and yet she also likes to crawl into my lap and wrap her arms around my neck and bury her head in my chest. I'm ok with her getting bigger, so long as she finds her way back to my lap.

That's why I'll continue to hone my baking skills. Cake can make Donovan feel better, get Gemma to walk, and bring Ainsleigh to my lap. And Joel figures he'll keep me around a bit longer. Everyone wins!


Margo said...

cake...oh yummy. there is nothing better than homemade cake. It beats out store bought any day. What a super idea.