Tuesday, September 29, 2009


As I walk down the street, pushing Gemma in the stroller, watching Donovan glide down the sidewalk on his scooter, I'm thinking about what an extraordinarily pleasant afternoon it is. Ahead at the corner, at one of our designated pitstops, Donovan waits for me, arm draped casually across the handlebar. Are you picking your nose, I ask as I get closer, since from that far away it could be anything.

"No. I'm just checking for bugs."

Ok. So are there bugs up there?

"Nope. Just boogers." Oh great.

Speaking of pitstops, if you are not watching The Amazing Race, you really should. A billion Emmys can't be wrong. And there are a number of teams that have piqued my interest and the two teams I immediately didn't like have been eliminated (take THAT ghetto yoga teachers). I'm loving the guy with Asperger's and how he is really quite brilliant (they generally are) and incredibly sensitive (gave away his coat; picked up on the lying poker players). And so far nobody has picked their nose at a pitstop.


laura said...

My roommate works with Autistic kids so she is really excited about the Asperger's guy. I also like the gay brothers and the Harlem Globetrotters. And when will these shrill, shrieking girls learn that on the wild-animal-herding tasks, you have to stay CALM or you are never going to get those animals to do what you want?

Phil, please call me!

Nataluscious said...

I am NOT a fan of the poker players. And they are still there. Generally the teams I hate the most stick around the longest. Boo.

Margo said...

I love the amazing race. It is one of the best shows on tv. I would love to do something like that. I think I could have swallowed down a wasabi bomb, cliff diving no.