Friday, September 11, 2009

some questions

Was I watching Project Runway last night? Yes, I was. Did I like the challenge? I would say I was lukewarm. Did I care who got kicked off? Not really, though I like Carol Hannah and the designer who I think looks like one of the models. Do I always love Tim Gunn? Duh, yes. Was I surprised when that one lady got the farewell Heidi-kiss? Not really - she was boring. Did I like it when, in her post-show summary, all she did was ask herself questions and then answer them? NO. Did I find it annoying? Yes. Did I roll my eyes? Kind of like I am right now. Do I think that doing your own personal interview is awesome? No. Especially not when you did it the last time you earned camera time as well. Do I think there's a better way? Just about ANY way is better - how about just literally saying whatever it is. Have I now used my monthly quota for question marks? Perhaps.


Amy said...

Just found your blog while doing a google search. I have one too with the same name. Don't ya just love redheads!

And by the way... I thought Qristal needed to be kicked off just because she started her name with a Q!