Wednesday, September 2, 2009

under my skin

I keep a box of latex gloves for handling raw chicken (especially when cleaning out a whole one - those goobers are gross) or meat or any time I don't want my skin to come in contact with something. Like jalapenos. And I have a plethora of jalapenos, thanks to a lone plant in my garden determined to be the Duggars of peppers.

So I've been harvesting and dicing and freezing and using jalapenos to my heart's (and taste bud's) desires. Except that today I was making salsa and thought I'd just dice some jalapenos "real quick." Similar to the time I thought I should dislodge turkey burgers from each other "real quick." I've got a problem with "real quick" apparently.

Because jalapenos? Are hot because of a little compound called capsaicin. And if it comes in contact with your skin, it might not be a big deal until you realize you had a paper cut. Or you rub your eye. Or it gets under your fingernails. At which point it feels like the point of contact is on fire. And capsaicin doesn't wash off very easily. Oh no. It stays and stays and stays.

And I knew this. I did. I even laughed, knowingly, when a woman at a cooking demo cautioned people to use gloves because hours later you would still feel the effects (I kind of fell in love with her when she said, and remember she was probably mid-30s, "And I don't mean to get fresh, but the men have problems with it and...their skin." *nodding, eyes wide* who says 'fresh' these days?!). Yeah, I usually do. Why don't I learn that "real quick" often carries consequences.

I find it weird that capsaicin is in pain and arthritis creams, since this seems to be CAUSING me pain right now. But I suppose I could experiment and come up with my own totally organic and holistic arthritis creams. I'll package it such that people can either apply it topically, or add it to salsa. It's gonna be big. In the meantime, I need to go out and pick more peppers. I've had 19 so far. I think I'm beating the Duggars.


Lisa said...

My dad planted 6 (that I can remember right now--maybe more?) pepper plants this year, and they are pretty prolific. And he did the same thing last year. We have a LOT of peppers in the freezer :)