Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday evening

The bathroom. Donovan and Gemma are having their bath. Donovan decides to lay down in the bath, on his back. The water is not very deep of him get close to Gemma, who is eying one part warily. Her little hand starts to reach out, tentatively, and I decide she's done with her bath. As I whisk her out, I tell Donovan that he shouldn't do that when Gemma is in the bath with him. As he flips onto his stomach he says over his shoulder, "Dass good, cuz wormy wants to go in duh water now."

My eyes darted around the bathtub noting the various bath toys and hoping I had misheard him. Casually I ask him, "What was that?" Wormy. Wanted to go for a swim. I can't help it, I'm starting to giggle, and trying desperately not to, but I can't stop myself from asking, "Is wormy your..."

At this point he sits back on his knees and, um, picking it up says, "I forgot! Meet wormy! Wormy, say hello!" I am in amused shock and cannot stop giggling as he lays back down in the water so I say I should NOT be laughing at this. He cuts in, grinning about a mile wide, eyes sparkling in his impish way, "I know because diss is inna-poe-pee-et!" Should I be concerned that he has discovered that inappropriate stuff can make people laugh? I had to ask him to please don't introduce wormy to anyone else and please don't have wormy ever talk to me again and, while we're at it, not even call it wormy. "I thought it was a good name," shrugged Ainsleigh. And...scene.


Alice said...

There are no words to express the amount of laughter that I inhabited just now.

Kyle and Sarah said...

Thanks for the laugh! I needed that! Reminds me of some things that my boys have done when they were around the same age!!!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Oh the shame, the humiliation that I was not the Sarah that you were referring too. Does it count that I enjoyed the post sooo much that I made Will read it?

Shira said...

Ohhh my. there should have been a warning to go to the bathroom BEFORE reading this post, that's all I can say. I am still wiping away tears from laughing so hard! Yeah, that's a story he will LOVE to hear in a couple years! HA!!!