Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow and miracles


Winter survival kit? I don't suppose they mean fuzzy slippers, a mug of hot chocolate, a cozy blanket and a good book? What if that hot chocolate was really really outstanding? In that case, I'm just not going to travel. Duh.

I wondered if we'd have a snow delay today. Imagine my delight when, a little after 5 am, I called the snow info hotline and heard that our schools were CLOSED for the day. Niiiiiice. So I vacuumed and cleaned bathrooms and roasted my French Winter Squash while the kids played outside for almost three hours. Then they came inside for hot chocolate and chicken nuggets (lunch of champions!), rested for a couple hours (naps, reading, etc.) and then we all went outside to shovel snow (me) and play (them)(and me). Want to know a really ridiculously delicious way to make a mug of hot chocolate that rivals anything Starbucks puts out? Simmer 4 cups of milk. Remove from heat. Add 8 oz (a little more than a cup if it's chips) of semisweet chocolate (chopped). Whisk until smooth. Sweet fancy Moses it's decadent.

While the kids were having downtime, a miracle happened. A little backstory. When I was growing up, my Grandma loved going to the Nutcracker and would often take my aunt, mom, (girl) cousins, sister(s) and me. Christmas was also her most favorite holiday. When she passed away, my sister and I decided that we would do something extra at Christmas to celebrate in her honor. When Ainsleigh was two and half, I took her to the Nutcracker for the first time. It was even better than I imagined. She love it. LOVED. During the final number, she couldn't contain her joy any longer and stood in front of her seat, leaping and twirling. When the curtain came down, she burst into tears. Pardon the cliche, but it was magical. Since then, I have made the effort to take her each year. Last year, I completely dropped the ball. We didn't go. She was disappointed. That served as a thousand daggers to my heart. THIS year, I vowed we'd make it. But money has been tight. I've wrestled with whether or not this would be a tradition we'd be able to keep. So today, as I was perusing my blog subscriptions via Google Reader (if you aren't using this tool, you aren't really living) and noticed a new feature to the left, 'Recommended Sources.' One of them was a link to "Mile High on the Cheap." Always looking for a deal, I clicked on it. And there. On top. The first thing I read. Was: 2-for-1 Nutcracker Ballet Tickets. My eyes just about fell out of their sockets. Cut to the chase, 10 minutes later I hung up the phone with a lovely gentleman at the Denver Ballet who had booked our tickets for a Saturday matinee. With excellent seats. At half the cost. It's a Christmas miracle, people. I'm positively giddy. I feel sure my Grandma is looking down clapping for joy. I'll even wear her pearls.

So it was with extra energy that I went out and shoveled our driveway and sidewalks. And then did it again since by the time I had finished, the beginning had another inch of snow. But I didn't care. I've got tickets to the Nutcracker, a roasted squash that's supposed to be the Cinderella to the pumpkin's ugly stepsister, and mug of hot chocolate that tells me a Snow Day is a very good day.


Melin said...

that is a wonderful magical day. nothing in this world beats a snow day. nothing.

wanda said...

"Sweet fancy Moses"??! For the love of Krissy!

Alice said...

I love your winter survival kit! AWESOME! I wish we would get a FUN!

Anonymous said...

When Amy was about 3, I was flipping through channels on a Sunday afternoon (the Bronco game wasn't on yet) and found the Nutcracker Ballet on TV. Amy was completely spellbound--she stood there in front of the TV watching for a REALLY long time, and barely moved. This is the child that got bored watching Sesame Street. Later I found out that she was spellbound because she was terrified! That giant mouse--the freaky toys coming to life--she was paralyzed with fear! And here I thought she just had a great appreciation for art :-)
--Aunt Cheryl

Becca said...

ahhhh on our snow day I just had to steal sugar free hot chocolate from the nursing lounge since I was ill prepared. That sounds way better!