Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 good things

I love getting the Williams-Sonoma catalog in the mail. I read every single page, often salivating over the details (interchangeable blades! triple-ply! enamel cast iron! everything all-clad!) and dreaming about what it would be like to walk into that store and buy everything I wanted (the whole store). It's probably the way men feel about the Victoria's Secret catalog: a little embarrassed that they actually DO want to look at it, knowing that they really aren't in the market, but also curious and maybe a little aroused (you don't know how long I just sat here trying to figure out a less naughty word to use). It's a fantasy world and I want to live in it. I'm talking about Williams-Sonoma!

So, if you've been keeping up, this hasn't been a particularly carefree past couple of weeks. The arrival of said catalog lifted my spirits. My eyes skimmed the cover and were drawn to the lower right-hand corner like a torpedo locking on to an enemy submarine. I sat upright and blinked to make sure the midnight hour wasn't causing my eyes to play tricks. The enemy?

And for some reason, that totally made my day. Granted, it wasn't going to take much. I fell back against the pillows and cackled, "Clases? CLASES?! Oh Williams-Sonoma, thank you THANK YOU for that. NOW I can go to sleep." What kind of person finds excessive joy in copywriting errors for well-known and respected publications?

Also, I've been looking through old videos and came upon this one of Donovan when he was 2 and his body mass index was about a thousand. I've watched it countless times. The kicker is that he still has that same laugh. One of total, utter, selfless abandon. He is totally IN the moment and, because of that, takes me wholly there, as well. It's just what I needed.


Tennille said...

People like me love finding copy writing errors (as long as they're not my own, of course).

Perhaps WS was just channeling their inner Latino and using the Spanish form of "classes"? It could happen...

Sarah said...

BAH! Of course I used copyrighting instead of copywriting. *HEADSMACK!*

Sariah said...

Thanks that video just made my day. I'm glad that laughter can be infectious.

Alice said...

I LOVE My all-clad pan that you gave me for my wedding:)

OK, loving the copy twirl that Donovan did and the bow! OH my goodness...hilarious kiss to the ground.

Susan said...

Wow, I don't remember ever being that flexible. If I bent over that far someone would have to help me back up and call for the ambulance.

Yes, I too take guilty pleasure in finding typos like that, especially when they appear on television because you know there is some producer in the background screaming that no one spell checked the copy before putting it into the feed. Gotta love it!!!