Friday, November 6, 2009


When there was just Ainsleigh, I thought our second child would have to be a girl in order for them to play well together. I guess I thought that way because my younger sibling was a girl? What I do know is that hardly a day goes by without me taking a moment to wonder how wrong I could have been. I doubt Ainsleigh and Donovan could be better friends. Ainsleigh is older, but Donovan has a more, shall we say, persuasive personality (this is not always/often a good thing). Together, they are pretty well matched.

We taught them both how to ride their bikes at the same time and now Donovan is the stronger and faster of the two. But he is quick to encourage and admire Ainsleigh's ability. Ainsleigh was a much better artist at Donovan's age (and, of course, now), and when Donovan gets frustrated that all of his people look like jellyfish (they actually kind of do - I just laugh that he names them that), Ainsleigh is the first to say, "You're doing great, bud. People draw differently. Ours don't have to look the same. I can see what you're doing and I think it's really awesome."

Donovan's laugh can be loud and borderline braying, but it has this infectious ability to pull out my own giggles. And Ainsleigh often sounds like she's laughing as hard as her slight frame will allow without her cheeks exploding. Together, they laugh a lot. I've often thought that I want to record their laughter and keep it forever. Maybe I should do that and then listen to it when they're teenagers and they guffaws and falling-down-laughing is fewer and farther between.

I'm not sure why today, especially, I'm feeling grateful. Maybe it's that they're starting to include Gemma in their play and the three of them giggling together practically takes my breath away and a quick thought darts through my mind that this, this right here, these three children playing and laughing together, this is what makes my life. And I'm torn between just listening and smiling and loving, or dropping everything and running over to squeeze them all into one hug in an attempt to keep them like this forever. I opt to just listen. And be grateful.


Alice said...

Cute, Sam and I were the best of buds also when we were little.

wanda said...

You have captured my feelings and thoughts from years past. Come to think of it, it still fills me with joy to see my children liking each other!

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I just adore these pictures!!! I think I'm going to recreate the one in the tunnel :)

Becca said...

awww I love this post! And I love getting to see them interact cute how encouraging they are of each other. I always thought it would be really cool to be super close with a brother.