Sunday, November 1, 2009


Last night Joel said something about probably taking most of the candy to work. WHAT? The kids can't eat ALL that candy, he protested. I know. I KNOW the KIDS can't eat all that candy. This is where it pays to *help* your kids. I don't know, we'll see. It WAS a lot of candy:

Gemma wasted no time.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Friday night we went to the church Trunk-or-Treat that, due to the weather, just turned into the kids trick-or-treating from classroom to classroom after a parade. Gemma loved the parade. I held her hand, but she proudly paraded with the best of them. And of course the kids had a blast going berserk with about 75 other kids. Then on Saturday they headed out to get the REAL haul. The weather was cooperating and had actually melted a good portion of the blizzard that settled upon us. A lot of people were out without even coats.

I don't even want to know what Donovan's left hand is doing. Doesn't seem particularly knightly behavior. 
Gemma is a bumblebee, and Ainsleigh is a witch. A stylish witch.

Joel said they were basically chased down by one house that they hadn't gone to because the stalkers thought they looked so cute and they wanted to close up shop. When our kids didn't stop by, they got in the car and drove to find them, emptying their bowl into our kids' pumpkins. It was a little obscene.  But delicious! When Joel got back, he took Gemma off of his shoulders where she had been sitting for most of the time. We think her legs must have fallen asleep or something because she couldn't stop giggling as soon as we tried to stand her up. She just kind of leaned on Joel with her fuzzy bee-head dropped back, just giggling. I had the same reaction when I saw their loot.

Ainsleigh loved her spooky, but sassy, costume

There were the usuals, but also a few interesting additions. We got a parachute man. An eraser. Some EASTER candy (come ON, people). An eyeball. And...tin snips. Like, wire cutters? Joel and I just stood their scratching our heads on that one.


It was a glorious and successful evening and after the kids went to bed, Joel and I ate a ton of candy. I love candy. If Joel thinks he's going to take this to work, he's going to have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

I think Donovan's face says it all


Alice said...

Wire cutters? Nice. So, I ATE SO MUCH CANDY yesterday. I told myself I could eat as much as I wanted yesterday and that's it. But then we only got 4 we have all of this candy left...that I'm still eating today. I'm sending it to work with Jared tomorrow. Still got the baby weight y'know.

Allison said...

The kids look great! Glad the knight worked out. And yeah, you got weird stuff. The weirdest thing Mabes got was a full-sized Java Twix. Apparently it pays to go to the house of a Mars rep, but we'll be keeping that and the triple chocolate Twix for us!

And be honest: you totally rolled around in that pile of candy after the kids went to bed, huh?

Anne said...

I think that is a dental tool to remove teeth! The kids looked darling. Sophie was a (sweaty)pink butterfly! Costumes are not made for Texas weather.

PaloAltoCougar said...

Dave (yes, 17 year-old high school senior Uncle Dave) and his friends went out last night to beg for candy as well. Their route included John Madden's house, where he and his fellow supplicants were each given a half-pound bar of chocolate. What are we teaching the youth?

Anne said...

So I called my brother, who is a dentist and showed him the random/creepy wire cutter "thing". He thinks it is a toe nail clipper a podiatrist would use. I haven't been to work in awhile and besides we don't use those scary looking tools. We are friendly and leave you with floss and new toothbrushes. Not bloody gauze and numb lips! That goes down in Halloween history as the weirdest item recieved in a loot bag.

Shira said...

Okay, that look on Gemma's face in the first picture is the cutest thing ever!!!! Delicious!!!! (What was Ainsleigh's costume??)