Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Southwest passengers,

On behalf of my son, I apologize for the horrible stench that permeated the back 5 rows of Saturday evening's flight. We took him to the bathroom repeatedly and ran him around the terminal before boarding, in an effort to decrease the potential incidence of flatulence. Sadly, it did not seem to help. We were as pained as you were. Perhaps more so, from embarrassment. The only excuse we can offer up is, in his own words, "I juss cannot cwose my bottim. I twy and den I move a wittle or think somefing and the toots just sneak out." We hope the dum-dums we passed out prior to takeoff helped deflect some of the assault to your olfactory nerves.


ps - it's delightful here in California. I may talk about it later. Or I may go eat another cookie. In the hot tub. Thinking about our upcoming race.


Lisa said...

HAHAHAHA!!! "I juss cannot cwose my bottim." I LOVE it.

Alice said...

IN FREMONT! Come visit us in PA! I'm making pumpkin pie on Sat....you can't get enough of that:)

GWACK said...

We had so much fun with you and Ainsleigh! Thanks for letting us be a part of your vacation! Good luck with the race tomorrow.