Monday, November 2, 2009

A few more pictures from the past month

When Becca was here we went to a farm where we did not pick apples or pull carrots as originally intended (an early freeze put the kibosh on that). So we looked around and bought some produce and came home with some cool pumpkin-looking squash.

I'm making a mental note (oh wait, I'm writing this down aren't I? so...not just mental?) that when someone says, "This squash is not good for eating because there isn't much flesh and it's kind of mealy," that means it is FANTASTIC for carving. As an added bonus, it might smell like a mix between cantaloupe and cucumbers when you cut into it, starting the entire carving party off on the right foot. If someone says, "This is a WONDERFUL roasting squash," that means it is very dense and the carving party comes to a crashing halt as you try to decide if a drill or an AXE might work better (we opted for the drill). Or maybe I should have partially roasted it. In any event, Joel got a good workout.

From the caves we visited:

Just Gemma, sitting the way she usually does:


The Johnson Family of Colorado said...

Oh man, you got the picture of Gemma right!!! I always think she is getting ready for gymnastics with that half split! Cute!