Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Flat Ainsleigh Project

I need some help. Well, in a lot of ways, but this is the area I'm focusing on mostly so as not to focus on the other areas. Part of Ainsleigh's geography class was to send out their flat selves in honor of the book Flat Stanley. First of all, I have fond memories of receiving a Flat Stanley when I was a junior in college. Most of the kids were sending them to grandparents or cousins. My little brother (or was it Becca? I can't remember) chose his most awesome big sister, and his faith in me was well placed. I showed Flat Stanley the time of his LIFE, and documented it with pictures which I printed and sent back along with a little write-up of our adventures. Needless to say, the other kids in the class were super impressed and I had the complete satisfaction of knowing I can totally step up to the plate when a kid's school project involving a paper doll is in play.

Second, Ainsleigh chose to send her flat self to Laura who, in turn, showed just why New York City is home to (one of) the best aunt(s) on the planet. As the flat selves have made their way back to Ainsleigh's school, the kids have shared just where they've been.

And it got me thinking... what if we kept doing this? What if Ainsleigh sent out her flat self again and again. We have a United States of America map on a wall upstairs and we could mark where she had been, learn about that state (or city), the things that are there, (you know this one was coming) any food specific to that area. What if Ainsleigh went International?!

Between Joel and myself, we have good amount of traveling under our belts. Ainsleigh has been a few places, but she's just at the age where she's starting to understand distance and time zones and cultures. I think now is the time to help her gain a greater appreciation for how different people and places can be, but also how very similar.

And so, I introduce what I hope will not be a short-lived idea: The Flat Ainsleigh Project. We will send you a flat Ainsleigh, like the one pictured here (but a little bigger), along with a few questions (what you did, the weather, the food, that's about it). You will take at least one picture of Ainsleigh somewhere specific to where you are and email me said picture. Mail back Ainsleigh and your questions and we will log them (here?). While flat Ainsleigh is gone, 3d Ainsleigh will learn a little about where she has gone and we'll add that to the log. So be prepared. You never know when she might show up. And if I don't have your address and you'd love to show Flat Ainsleigh a good time, email me. I'd love to have a list of people who will welcome her.

I hope this works.


Sarah b. said...

I would love to host Flat Ainsleigh! I found your blog through Laura's when I was working in NYC this past summer, but I'm currently a senior at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Feel free to send flat Ainsleigh my way and I'll happily show her around here, or around Portland, Maine (where I'm originally from) if she arrives during Christmas vacation :) My e-mail address is sbnichols4@yahoo.com. -Sarah

Lisa said...

If I didn't live in the same city as you, I would be all over this.

Anne said...

adorable idea!! i love it and will probably copy it at some point. good luck! oh..and if you are planning on sending her to me it needs to be before april.

laura said...

Hee, that picture of Ainsleigh is so cute that I was like, "Oh I will totally do this!" Whoops.

Becca said...

Oh cute idea! And it will force people to have a semi interesting life! =)

Margo said...

This is such a darn cute idea. I might just have to borrow it. The flat Ainsleigh is so percious. Ohio might not be a hot bed of fun, but we would love to help out.