Tuesday, November 17, 2009

more den Jesus

"I wuv you so hard. I wuv you more den Jesus," Donovan said in a voice mixed with wonder and disbelief as he fell into bed last night. I chuckled as I tucked him in. I'll admit it, a voice inside me said, "Thaaaaaaat's RIGHT!" I smirked as he thanked me for a fun night and told me I was the best mom in the whole world for the 23rd time that evening. When you respond like that, little dude, there isn't much I wouldn't do for you.

The event worthy of such accolades? I took the kids to the indoor track and made them run. You know, what you had to do when you were goofing off while playing other sports. And they LOVED it. Ainsleigh was convinced she wanted to wear a tank top and when she's decided on something, she cannot be swayed. With temperatures outside dipping below freezing, I insisted on a coat. But when we hit the track and I turned to take the coats, Ainsleigh was already stripped down to her tank and capri leggings and warming up. WARMING UP. Running in place, stretching, shaking arms and legs. "I'm ready, mom," she assured me. I could see that.

One woman was walking and every time the kids would come up to pass her, she'd start jogging with them. Donovan would start giggling, but then his eyebrows would descend and his lips pucker and his arms pump harder until he left her behind. At one point she said, "I think they'll sleep well tonight!" Yes, ma'am, that's (part of) the point. Ainsleigh was surprisingly faster and more coordinated than I had anticipated. She runs...well, it's awkward. She doesn't really bend her arms and she kind of looks like at any second she's going to collapse. It's...odd. So I was surprised when she not only ran, but ran well. Huh.

After a half an hour, with rests after each lap, they had completed close to a mile and a half. Even Gemma did a lap! With flushed faces and heaving chests, I told them we would go home. The next hour was sprinkled with "Fank you for taking me to train for my race" and "Fank you for taking me to the track" and "Fank you for taking me to work out" and so on, about every 5 minutes. Donovan was so pumped by that endorphin high that he didn't even finish his ice cream sandwich (shocking!) and so exhausted that he didn't even argue when I said it was late and they'd have to go to sleep without a story. Nope, instead of arguing he just continued to thank. And love. I think Jesus understands.

Donovan has been begging me to post this. Behold:


wanda said...

I love the video!! I love the way he checks the sidelines to get your reactions. Tell him I can't wait to squeeze him.

NancyO said...

Yeah, thanks for the exciting vid. I think we have some future marathoners (sp?) and perhaps an iron-man triathlete or two?

loewymartin said...

Oh goodness I have tears in my eyes from that Dono goal! You could see how proud he was as he was heading in for the goal! And your comment of "My work here is done" cracked me up. You've done a fine job my friend.