Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7

This girl is celebrating a birthday today. This girl has the amazing ability of being able to laugh at herself in just about any situation. This girl will reply within minutes if you text her at 11 pm wanting to know what the three unforgivable curses are from Harry Potter. This girl lived with us for 3 months and was the best help/nanny/wife I could ever ask for. This girl knows a lot of stuff, and what she doesn't know, she will quickly find out via her iPhone. This girl can comfy-pantasize (the act of changing from street clothes into comfy pants, aka yoga pants, aka pajama bottoms) faster than anyone I know. This girl shares my love for food and television and medieval British historical fiction and we will have lengthy conversations about it, preferably combining all three. Today, this girl is having a birthday. The kids sang/yelled the birthday song into her voicemail and Donovan vowed that "I sang duh wowdest so Wora would know I wuv her duh most." But I'm the only one with a blog, dude. Happy Birthday, Laura. When are you moving back in?


laura said...

Ha, I love the picture! Did Ainsleigh take that one?

And that message is definitely staying on my phone. It's gotten at least 6 plays today, some on speakerphone so others could enjoy. Donovan's gusto is truly impressive. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks!

Becca said...

Umm the texting of the unforgiveable curses were between me and her...but alas, I will let you mention it in YOUR blog!

Sarah said...

I didn't say *I* texted her, I just said she'd respond. And I was in the car WITH you. Wasn't I? Or was it something else I made you ask her because I'm texty-challenged?