Monday, November 9, 2009

the smallest things

Extra lacing holes
On Saturday I went to a real running store and had someone watch me run and walk and try on many pairs of shoes until I found a great pair that cost more and fit better than the ones I've bought off of Amazon clearance (can you really argue with $33 Adidas?). The man there verified what I've suspected: I'm an underpronator. Meaning I roll to the outsides of my feet. Meaning I tend to push off of my small toe(s). Also indicating I have high (Romanesque?) arches. Also, this is not common. I seem to have a knack for taking that road. First, obviously, the hair. Second, when I had my wisdom teeth out at the age of 23 I contracted the complication of "dry sockets" that is generally rare except for old people. Third, do I really need to talk about that third childbirth experience? Let's keep it moving.

I was grateful when the man didn't come out with shoes that looked like they belonged in my Grandpa's closet, but with a pretty sweet selection. I eventually settled on a pair of Nikes and the guy told me to run on a treadmill or indoor track for the next week or so because they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. I'm pretty sure Amazon didn't offer that. So today I went and ran and enjoyed the wonderful powerful sensation of pushing off all my toes, especially my big toe. It was glorious. Except that I also noticed my left big toe touching the front of the shoe every now and then. Argh.

I went back to the store this morning and asked if I could try a bigger pair. He said yes, but he wanted to make a suggestion first, and with that he laced the shoe through that extra set of holes at the top of the shoe that you hardly ever use. He said it keeps his foot back in the shoe and he does it especially for his trail running shoes (which, by the way, some of those are crazy ugly). I slipped the shoe back on and holy cow, I couldn't believe it. I kept saying, "Are you KIDDING me?!" Something so small. I also told him that this little thing was going to make my day. He kind of laughed in that, "that's sad for you," kind of way, but it was true. (I won't get into why the hours between said glorious run and this moment were crappy. Let's just leave it at this equation: slowmovingAinsleigh+schoolmorning=newlevelsoffrustration)

Also, socks.
I have a love/hate relationship with them. I love them because they keep my feet a few degrees above the freezing temperature they would otherwise be, but I hate them because they never stay just right (perhaps due to the above underpronation?). Also, I have a perpetual athlete's foot issue with my left foot (ironic, since it started when I was at my least athletic. my body totally mocks me) so anything other than cotton doesn't fare very well. Or so I thought. They gave me a free pair of socks with my shoes, saying it wicks away moisture. I didn't think I'd actually like them, but I tried them this morning. They were fantastic! And I think they made me run faster (humor me). At the very least, my feet felt better than they usually do. And that's saying a lot.

Oh Gemma. Oh Gemmagemmagemma. *long exhale* I think I've mentioned before that she is developing a personality. That's code for, "She's beginning to exert her independence. And stubbornness." If she wants to do something, she will DO IT DANGIT. For example: childproof caps. I don't even know how this is really possible except that maybe I hadn't closed the top all the way? But she managed to open it and dump out an entire bottle (a double-sized bottle since I gleefully purchased this larger size to save some money - I hadn't seen that size before) of liquid Ibuprofen on the carpet. Berry-flavored, no less. And, on top of that, she did it in Donovan's room. Which required her to walk down the hall, around a corner and into D's room before upending the whole thing right in the middle of his room. His screams of "Emergency! Emergency!" tore through my soul as I was lathering my shampoo in the shower. Why do I even bother?

That was two days ago. (and no, she didn't ingest any. she was going for maximum puddleage) Today, right after Donovan got home from school, he went upstairs to get a dinosaur. I hear, "Mom, did you give Gemma another bath?" Uh...this can't end well. No, I said, as I pulled the bread out of the oven. "Then why does she have shampoo in her hair?" CRAP. I bolted up the stairs and there she was, kneeling in the hallway, hair perfectly lathered, grinning as happy as could be. Are you SERIOUS?! *exxxxxxxxxhale* The good news was that she didn't get any on the carpet. The not-as-good-news is that she dumped a good amount into Donovan's pirate/knight playmobil bin. And anyone who has any of those knows how many tiny pieces and parts there are. Now covered in watermelon-smelling shampoo.

She *does* love to shampoo her hair. She's always trying to get it (during her bath) and rub it in her hair. I can only imagine how excited she was to find a bottle within reach, OPEN it, and start applying, probably thinking, "I'm awwwwwwwwesome!"

This was just the icing on the cake of small things. I had just dumped the bag of chicken bones/bits/parts and vegetable castoffs I keep in the freezer into a big pot to cover with water (it's stock-making day). There I stood, filling said pot with a Twizzler poking out of my mouth when I managed to lose my hold and half of the Twizzler fell into the dark abyss of the pot. I just stared after it. I made a half-hearted attempt to locate it, to no avail. So if this particular batch proves superior, I'm going to start throwing licorice into all sorts of things as my new secret ingredient. That's the only thing keeping me from rolling my eyes right now.


Nataluscious said...

First off, I have the EXACT same foot issue. I'm an underpronator, with insanely high arches. Funny! And I do lace the top lace in my shoes, but not so much for toe placement as for ankle support on those pesky BOSUs.

Second point, while I find Gemma to be irresistible, those recent stories made me feel just a little better about my recent issues. I'm not sure I could manage that stage again.

And third point, a twizzler makes everything better. Everything. I can only imagine this batch of stock (and everything you use it in) will be fabulous.

Shira said...

Gemma shampooing her own hair!? Just picturing this made me howl with laughter at the absolute cutenss. Totally made my day, assuming notsomuch your day, though!

Lisa said...

Gemma LIKES to shampoo her own hair? Jonathan hates shampoo more than anything in the world. If only.

P.S. Is it bad that I'm secretly glad that Gemma is "asserting her independence"? Because she was just so sweet while my kid was crazy, and it's good to know that she has bad moments once in a while :)

Sariah said...

Find good running shoes, man that's hard. Hooray you did. When I went to try on shoes, the guy kind of laughed at my socks. They were just big tube socks, which might even be boys socks. I think my mom just bought us all the same kind of sock so it would be easier to sort them. Anyway, he asked if I ever had socks that fit my feet properly. I said no. So he had me try on a pair and yet is was funny how nice it felt.

Oh and I was so laughing my head off at the Gemma stories. Gwynneth could open the childproof caps, the kind that you push down on to open. Yeah I was dumb and gave it to her as a shaker one morning as I was getting ready. This was went she would still just sit safely on the bed. Next thing I know there goes all the pills everywhere. I couldn't believe she did it. I can just picture Donovan yelling "Emergency." It seems awesome in my head.

At least Gemma smelled good, and so does Donovan's playmobil bin. It's cute that she likes to shampoo her hair. Not that way with my kids. Gwynneth would run away screaming if she could, but she's stuck in the bathtub, so she just screams and scoots as far away as she can. I think it means it's time for me to cut her hair. If she tips her head back, her hair touches her butt as I found out when I was doing a butt wipe check. Not good.

Was the twizzler black licorice? Because I could see interesting possiblities with that. Even a red one could have possiblities. But that would be a cool secret ingredient.

Wow, apparently I was commenty today. Your blog cheers me up. I love reading it.

Alice said...

I am dying. Looks like you have another exciting child on your hands:) Good luck with all of that:)