Tuesday, November 3, 2009

welcome to the toddlerhood

It's official: Gemma is a toddler. As in, she's toddling. Finally. She'll be 18 months old in less than a couple weeks and like most things, she's holding off until the last second to do them. I should have seen this coming when it took THIRTY-FOUR hours for her to come out. I don't know when I'll stop referring to that. Probably never. It's something I've EARNED. When my water broke with her, I thought it would be very cool to have her on 05-15 seeing as how the other kids are 03-13 and 03-31 and since my water broke the afternoon of the 14th, surely the 15th would happen. But she cut it very close, entering the world at 11:45 pm. Then there was how she wasn't sitting up at 9 months. Not alarming, but still concerning. And now with the walking. But she's done it.

The family that slays together, STAYS together.

For the past few weeks, we think she has viewed it more as a trick. She'd take a few steps with her "check me OUT!" face and then drop to her knees and crawl (wickedly fast, I might add) to wherever she needed to go. I don't think she liked landing on her bum despite the soft cottony landing cloth diapering lends. But in the past week she has ramped up the walking and can now get there faster. Still with the "check me OUT!" face. She'll just walk and walk in circles, watching me to make sure I'm walking her. Oh, sweet baby, I'm always watching.

Here's a video clip from a couple weeks ago (less than a minute!) of her in all her homo erectus glory:


Becca said...

haha oh my goodness she just looks silly being so straightened and skinny. Watch, we will all get together for thanksgiving and she won't walk just because I'm there! OOooo Gemma!

P.S. The Red Curry turned out FANTASTIC. I didn't put lime leaves in but used regular basic and it is awesome. The use of stir fry vegetables is tasty for a healthier option, but the Jasmine rice is still a better choice.

GWACK said...

Gemma reminds me of the little dancing baby on Ally McBeal, in her video. So cute! Hooray for walking!

laura said...

There's nothing wrong with a little procrastination. Sometimes you have to just do things when you're good and ready. Stick with me, Gemma baby!