Wednesday, December 2, 2009

baby it's COLD outside

With highs expected to be 24 today (there should be a rule that the high should always be more than my age), I've got a turkey roasting and cranberry sauce simmering in my kitchen. We returned from Thanksgiving in California to the bitter realization that we had no Thanksgiving leftovers. Woe. So I set about remedying that situation today after visiting the dentist and rearranging Donovan's room.

My stay in the dentist's chair was one of the better ones I've had. Not only because there's nothing wrong with any of my teeth (your teeth look GREAT!), but he also said I have "textbook teeth" and he said it in a way that implied he wasn't talking about the "ailments/problems" part of the textbook. I happened to mention some sensitivity on one tooth that might be attributed to mass quantities of Aussie licorice. He took that opportunity to tell me that black licorice (I'm an equal opportunity partaker) actually kills cavity-causing bacteria. Whaaaaa? And so does dark chocolate. Whaaaaaa! And some cheeses, do you like cheese? At this point I narrowed my eyes and scanned the room. "Is this a trick question?" I asked if massages also improved dental health. Unfortunately, he could not confirm that at this time. Someone needs to get on that research.

And then I rearranged Donovan's room since I did Ainsleigh's yesterday and apparently I need to do this sort of thing more often because they haven't stopped thanking me or praising my mothering skills ever since. I'll remember this, come birthday time. It helped soften my own self-loathing from realizing I hadn't checked the lights on the 40-foot garland that I wrapped my banister with, only to discover, upon plugging it in, a section that has gone out. And it's in the very middle. Of COURSE.

But really, with sub-freezing temperatures outside, I suppose now is the best time to hunt for the rogue light. At least until my turkey is done. Hard to believe that a week ago we were doing this:

I will take sand from there and move it up here.

I will take sand from here and throw it back there.

Trying to build something before the waves snatch it away

Intent upon his work

Maybe we should work together.

Quickly, quickly
(note the cool reflection onto Dono's face)

(The look on Ainsleigh's face is her standard "yikes" face - 
premiering when she was tiny and we'd throw her up in the air.)

Run away!

Donovan's sweet moves keep him (sort of) dry and his hair standing on end.

Let's go again!


Margo said...

Love the news and stories from your trip. The picture's are pricelss. Love you tons. I am so glad you were able to be with your family. They are pretty cool.