Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas morning, a prelude

About 3 weeks before Christmas, Donovan decided he wanted a dragon for Christmas. Santa eyed me as Donovan uttered this wish and slowly repeated, "A dragon?" with an inflection that said, "Mom? Is this ok?" I shrugged and nodded, "I'm not sure if you have those, but it's what he'd like." Also, he was pretty specific: it had to be big. it had to have wings. it had to have fire coming out of its mouth that almost looked like a tongue but was, actually fire. I relayed this to my mom who, with the fingers of a CIA analyst (or perhaps just someone with a Google window open), immediately pulled up options. "Grandpa would LOVE to give Donovan a dragon," she laughed. And so it was done. As Donovan finished opening presents from Santa, he kind of mournfully noted, "I guess I didn't get a dragon." A few minutes later, I was pleased to tell him he could open the present from Grandma and Grandpa (a gift that came in the mail and that he, upon seeing the box, said, "Grandma sent me a box! She knew I wanted some mail so she sent me a BOX in the mail!!!!"). This is what happened next:

Joel later remarked, "Your parents are so lucky we let them give that to him." Few grandparents get to fulfill their grandchild's ultimate Christmas wish. But it's only fitting, seeing as how this picture, framed and hanging in my dad's office, has seemingly struck a real chord with his grandpa.

More later. There's some food that needs eating and some laying around that needs to be done. And then some sword-fighting via Wii Resort Sports (I suspected Donovan would enjoy it, but "enjoy" seems to be a bit of an understatement).


Lisa said...

I love that picture, too. It's so awesome. I want to frame it and put it in my house, too, if that wasn't slightly creepy.

P.S. Your blog has gone crazy, at least according to my browser. It says "Account inactive" all over the place. Just in case you didn't know.

wanda said...

Yeah, it looks weird on my browser, too. No banner. Content still there. Are you under reconstruction?