Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Zappos,

Today has been a day of jokes. Or, rather, incidences where I think the joke is on me. It started with Donovan describing in great detail how his dad was going to wear a "pan hat" to work. A pan hat? Yeah, a PAN HAT. You know, where you take a pan (one with a long handle to be your head tail, of course) from the kitchen and use a belt to hold it on your head. And then walk around like you're just walking around.

Then, there was the blind man I saw running on a trail adjacent to a busy highway. I know he is blind because he was swinging a blind man's walking stick in front of him and was wearing sunglasses (all important accessories for the viewing impaired, I've learned). But he was SPRINTING. Is that even safe? If I was coming from the opposite direction, I don't know I'd have time to get out of his way and the swinging stick of sight.

Finally, we were thrilled to see that my husband's boots had arrived after the shenanigans we've been though to get them here (thank you for the $25 off coupon, by the way). Eagerly, he opened the box. Then, he paused. Then, he laughed. And LAUGHED. And couldn't talk. I walked over and saw that there, in the box, were two LEFT shoes. TWO. LEFTS. Um, my husband is not the most coordinated dancer, but this is taking it a little too literally. What should I do here? I mean besides sit here laughing at the world around me.



Eric said...

i would like you to attach a picture of joel in the pan hat:)

Eric said...

that was from me....janine...not eric.

Lisa said...

Whoa. What a day.

Jonathan L. said...

What a day, indeed! I'm glad you can find the humor in it. So sorry we messed up there. If you haven't already, please give us a call ( 1-800-927-7671 ) or email ( cs@zappos.com ). We would definitely like to fix this!

Sarah said...

Jonathan L. - Zappos is totally blowing my mind! I have been in communication with your fine customer service providers (thank you for ANOTHER coupon) and I have every confidence that some day (soon?) we will have one left and one right shoe. Of the same size. Of the same style. I think Zappos has, hands down, the most attentive and personal staff out there. But hey, thanks for stopping by!