Friday, January 8, 2010

the last person?

Ok, so between comments and emails, apparently I'm the last person to have discovered quinoa as a superfood. Like, I'm not even fashionably late. I'm tremendously late. Oh well, better late than never?

And, MOM, since in you are so obviously channeling Ghandi (he was in the habit of asking people if they had had a good bowel movement that morning. I think my dad would have gotten along famously with Ghandi), I will reply that quinoa+blackbeans makes for a rather pleasing diaper. The consistency, shall we say, was satisfying. And I will go even further and say that I, too, enjoyed the fibrous benefits of the meal, leaving the commode with that relaxed-body-post-evacuation feeling. You're welcome.

So since I am the last person to be introduced to the Inca gold, please share your more successful recipes. After all, I have a Costco-sized bag to use. Thanks to the lovely Alice and my delightful sister-in-law Anne who were one step ahead of me in both being familiar, and sharing their favorite versions.


OneTiredEma said...

The first time I made quinoa I didn't rinse it enough. It really DOES taste like soap if you don't rinse it enough.

Anyway, a couple of nights ago I roasted green beans (or wax beans? i forget) and cherry tomatoes with sliced garlic--the tomatoes got all oozy and made a little tomato broth, sort of, and I ladled that over quinoa. It's good with some cheese sprinkled over; I'm partial to feta in this kind of situation.

Anonymous said...

OOoo. Glad you discovered it. It's so delish and good for you. I cook it in chicken stock instead of water because it gives it a little more flavor. I usually make a garlicky balsamic vinaigrette and pour it over the quinoa when it's still hot and toss it with roasted butternut squash and onions. Yummmmm.

Say hi to everyone for me!

- Jess