Friday, January 8, 2010

Music from our video

Joel spends an enormous amount of time searching for music. Then he presents a bunch of songs and I shake my head at all of them. "No." "I don't like it." "That's not our style." "I don't like the tone." "The music is nice but the lyrics are dirty." Etc. And he starts over. Repeat until Joel is about to quit. Then it happens. Three songs that I think perfectly capture our family, our pictures, our year. These are they:

I Sing I Swim by Seabear
Shine On by The Kooks
A Good Day (Morning Song) by Priscilla Ahn

I've added links to the sidebar for videos of years past. I still cannot even hear the music from Gemma's birth announcement video without choking up. Music is a powerful tool.


Lisa said...

I loved the music on your video! I forgot to mention that. I think I just mentioned cookies and left it at that. :)

laura said...

And then sometimes your sister gives ideas of music to use and Joel likes it but then you don't end up using it. I mean, whatever, it's fine.

It's funny though, because I'd been meaning to check out Priscilla Ahn forever and now one of her songs makes me cry because of adorable redheaded children.