Thursday, January 14, 2010

pan hats and scrambled egg parties

I'm not sure what has gotten into Donovan lately, but he has started telling fantastic stories. Fantastic in the most basic definition. "Unrestrainedly fanciful" Like the pan-hat idea (which, by the way, is not a bad idea. Later that day when he and Ainsleigh had friends over and they were in the backyard playing, Ainsleigh came in to tell me Donovan was being overly aggressive. When I told her to send him in to talk to me, he burst into the kitchen loudly defensive, nearly yelling at me. I said, "Is it such a punishment to come in and talk to me? Maybe I just wanted to talk to you. Maybe I wanted to give you some of this candied ginger. Maybe I was going to ask if you would feel better if you were wearing a pan hat. Sheesh." And I went back to stirring the sauce for my enchiladas suizas - more on that later. His face froze, then melted into a smile as he cocked his head to one side and said in a voice on the edge of giggles, "Ohhhh KAY! Can I pick which pan?" I said yes, but suggested one that I thought would fit his head best. He stuck it on and said, "I'm going to tell the kids, 'I'm Pan Hat Man to the RESCUE!' and they're going to laugh," as he ran for the door. True to his word, when he burst onto the deck and shouted his introduction, he was met with a chorus of cackles. Pan Hat Man to the rescue, indeed.) Was that the longest parenthetical story I've told? Perhaps.

Fantastic stories. That was it. Yesterday, he seemed to be studying his scrambled eggs as he tapped them with his fork while chewing. Suddenly his eyes lifted and the words came tumbling out, "What if the scrambled eggs and cheese were falling down into my stomach and they were scared but then they got into my stomach and more eggs and cheese came down and then they were all there with their friends so they had a big party and then the milk came down and it was like they were playing in the rain and then there was a puddle of milk and the eggs and the cheese were splashing in the puddle and that would be hilarious." By the end of his story, he was barely able to get the words out, for giggling so hard.

"I heard a sound outside, so I thought I would invesgidate so I went out there and didn't see anything so I did some more inguessdivating and still didn't see anything so I realized that there was a fox and he came in and was playing on the swingset and having a great time except he knew I was in here and coming to scare him so he ran away but made sure he erased his tracks because he knew I would invesctilate and would find him. So that's what I did. In... wait...Investigate. THAT's what I was trying to say."

It's like his imagination has suddenly taken flight and he can't stop talking. Or telling stories. I kind of love it, even if I have absolutely NO idea from where this penchant comes.


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE his imagination. And his scrambled egg party sounds like something I saw on Yo Gabba Gabba. "There's a party in my tummy... *So yummy! So yummy yummy!*"