Tuesday, January 12, 2010

sensitive smell

One of my superpowers happens to be a keen sense of smell. VERY keen. Like all superpowers, this is both a blessing and a curse. Well, mostly a curse. There are a LOT of unfortunate smells out there. Penicillin. Today is my last dose (yay!) and it is something to celebrate. First, the smell of those pills grosses me out. It's all medicinal and hospital-y smelling. I smell/taste it going in but the, shall we say, coming out via urine is exponentially worse. I'm seriously gagging. And is there some kind of fish oil in it? Because every now and then I get a little taste of it in the back of my throat - I haven't tasted that since I was suppose to be taking fish oil while pregnant and took the cheap ones and ended up throwing up dead fish taste. It burrrrrrrned. I think that taste was lodged in the back of my throat for a week. And now, though in smaller doses, it's back. I can't get away from it. But today is the last day. Wheeee!


NancyO said...

What's the penicillin for, if I'm not being to nosy.

Sarah said...