Monday, January 25, 2010


Sometimes it takes a kind note and a bottle of nice lotion from a wonderful caring friend to lift your spirits.

Sometimes it takes singing a pirate song in choir to make you smile. Ok, it's not REALLY a pirate song. But it SOUNDS like it could be. I dare you to listen to this and NOT imagine a scene out of Peter Pan where the camera is slowly zooming in to the deck of the pirate ship while they swab the decks and secure the rigging (that's where my nautical knowledge runs out). Anyway, it's going to take a lot of willpower to not bring my eyepatch that day.

Sometimes, it takes venturing out at 5:45 am in 20-degree weather to swim laps while having an amateur therapy session with someone who truly understands you, and then giggle in the post-workout jelly stage as she does who-knows-what but emerges from the changing room looking like she had forgotten to pull her pants down when she used the toilet (to her credit, she not only pointed it out, but could barely walk for laughing so hard), to make you feel validation as a woman and friend (and toilet-user).

And sometimes it takes this kid

singing in falsetto as he walks up the stairs to snap you out of your cleaning-up-the-kitchen-zone-out to clue into the actual WORDS he is singing as he SLOWLY makes his way to his room to pajama up. You walk out to the stairway and ask, "Donovan? What are you singing?" And he turns, at the top now, steps up so he's looking over the banister, places one hand on his heart while stretching out his other arm and, in his most Sarah Brightman voice, sings, "Vuh-GIIIIIIIII-nuh creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeam!" Your eyes go big and a moment of stunned silence (on your part. the little tenor is continuing on his way) passes while your mind races to the parenting manual part of your brain and desperately skims the index for something that relates to THIS situation, all while trying to keep from exhaling because you know once you do...oh there you go. You exhaled. And with it, comes the body shaking giggles that such a situation, such absurdity, surely can't avoid. Of course that only made him sing louder and longer and I had to have one of those, "ok, yeah, so I laughed. And, let's face it, it WAS funny. But nevereverever sing that in public. And, actually, don't sing that again. But thanks for making me laugh" talks that I'm never sure really makes its point. On his part, Donovan looked immensely pleased that he had made me laugh that hard. Probably how my siblings and I feel when we get my mom to go into her silent tear-streaked laughing fit. Upon recounting this story later (I intentionally mispelled THE word, because it was a more effective way of conveying his intensity, but also to avoid any weirdos searching using THE word), Joel wanted to know what that kind of cream was. Honestly, so did I. But I wasn't about to go ask Donovan. I think he just put two words together. In any event, sometimes it takes THIS kid singing just a couple words to remind me that life is worth laughing at.


Nataluscious said...

There is a primary song (and for the life of me I can't remember what it is) that reminds me of an Irish drinking song. When I was in Primary and the kids would sing it I just wished everyone had a mug in hand swinging it raucously over head. I was hoping that was the song you referenced but, alas, it was not. I do like that one though too. Reminds me of my Baptist days (and K2 being in Lutheran school comes home with all kinds of songs I used to sing and had forgotten all about. It's been fun!).

Melin said...

That was great. I love that guy.

laura said...

Dude, I would have been on the floor laughing. I miss that hilarious little goober.

GWACK said...
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