Sunday, January 10, 2010


Hey Dad, I'm going to talk about bras, and the stuff that fills them. You should probably skip this one. -s

I was going to start that with "talk about my bosom" but then the picture I associate with "bosom" flashed into my mind and I couldn't do it. See, when I think "bosom" I picture an older woman, probably mid-60s, with the permed-helmet-head my grandmas were so fond of. Her skin is soft with age and excess skin and she's wearing a floral top (yellow background) that covers an ample, if sagging, chest area. The place that she clutches grandchildren, crumpled tissues, and (in sketchy neighborhoods) her handbag. She only stumbled into one sketchy neighborhood (and luckily some nice young man - Phillip - turned her around in her lavender polyester pants and directed her to the grocery store she was looking for. they had canned green beans on sale), but it was enough that she did clutch that bag to her chest. Oh, and this was circa 1982.

What was I talking about? Bosoms. And why I couldn't use THAT word. See, bosom in my mind is synonymous with buxom (is it?). And I am kind of maybe totally the opposite. THAT's what I was going to talk about. The beautiful thing about being pregnant and nursing babies is that you have a lovely womanly chest that proclaims, "I am old enough to have children" and "I am a woman" and "This shirt looks GREAT on me." And then you've had the babies and stopped nursing and your body begins to reverse-develop, or so it would seem.

I suppose it doesn't help that I've been exercising a lot? Whatever the cause, I feel like I'm in 9th grade again. It was particularly depressing when I couldn't even fill the bras I had.

So when my two (one to wash, one to wear!) new bras arrived on Friday, I was giddy. I told Joel it was quite comforting to know I could wear a bra and be able to throw my hands up in the air with a "Woo-hoo!" without fear of the band going ffffffffftt (that's the sound of a stretched-out already too big band flying) up over my breasts. Joel very dryly asked, "And do you do that a lot?" Well, not particularly. But I'd like the ABILITY to, if I wanted.

My point is, it's a good feeling to be wearing a bra that fits. Even if your chest isn't like the pillow-soft bosom of the floral and polyester pants Edith.


wanda said...

Did you shop the VS sale? What kind did you get? I need some new ones, too!

Paula said...

I hear you, friend. I started with a 32 B/C. Then nursed a singleton for 12 months and next thing I knew was down to an A. Hey, what the heck? Then nursed twins for 16 months. And, this is sooo not fair, now am down to a AA. Like the battery. I had training bras bigger than this. What I'm trying to say is that You're in good company.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

I can totally give you a cup size, just let me know. Seriosuly I wouldn't mind sharing :)

Angie said...

At least you fill a bra! Even though I can go bra less and nobody know;)