Friday, February 19, 2010

pie pants*

Fact: I love pie.
Fact: I love friends.
Fact: I love having friends bring pies to my house.

In the same vein as the soup night I hosted in November, I invited just a few of the outstanding women I live among to bring a pie for a ladies' night in. The rules were simple: RSVP with the pie you are bringing so we don't double; wear pajama pants; eat pie.

Don't scoff at the plate of vegetables in the middle - it's all part of the STRATEGY. See, I drew upon my experience last Friday of making a bunch of sugar cookies. And by make, I also mean ate. Sugar cookies, in dough and baked form, is perhaps one of life's treasures. But the feeling I had at the end of the day was not. The furry coating on your my teeth and icky feeling in my stomach told me I needed to eat something healthy. While I thought about that, I ate another cookie. And hated myself. So here was the pie plan: sample a few pies, use the carrot/celery/cucumber to cleanse my palate, naturally brush my teeth, prep me for more. Several people teased about the presence of the vegetables, but they soon saw the light. One friends declared she would eat celery after pie from now on.

I'm not ashamed to say I sampled 12 of the 17 pies (not EVERYONE brought a pie, but I think we still had a sufficient amount). And the only reason I stopped there was because those other 5 pies had pecans or walnuts in them and I can't eat those. Woe.

Surrounded by friends, nibbling on (wolfing down?) pie, curled up in pajama pants and laughing in that pure and joyful way, I submit to you that there are few better ways to spend an evening. Especially when that evening comes at the close of the day your daughter is officially diagnosed with ADHD and your husband is officially laid off. I don't really have much more to say about that right now, other than we've been expecting the latter for some time now and, if I'm honest with myself, the former since she was tiny. Still, it's a hard pill to actually swallow (is that the lump in my throat?). Joel has headed to California to witness an old friend's glorious wedding, leaving me with the kids for the weekend.

But I've got pie, pajama pants, and Harry Potter 4 on dvd from the library. And a bag of specktacular M&Ms. Things could be worse.

*title taken from the always quotable Simpsons.


laura said...

Blerg. Sorry to hear about Joel, though I know it's not really a surprise. Glad you have good friends, pie, and Harry to soften the blow.

Also, I'm very happy to know that you have specktacular M&Ms, because I was at the convenience store last night and they seemed to have everything BUT those, and I half feared they might have been discontinued (the horror!).

Christina said...

Why must you do that---I MUST have pie now! Sorry to hear about Joel. Good friends and food can always make things better.

Tennille said...

So sorry to hear about Joel!

Lisa said...

Those pies look amazing. I could never go to a pie party--I haven't made one pie in my whole life.

I'm sorry about Joel :( I hope things work out for the better... SOON. We all know they'll work out, but I know that feeling of wanting it soon :)

Alice said...

I LOVE PIES TOO! Can I move in...this is a great idea...I'll have to do it in the future.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Monkey! I should have told you that my pie only contained three tablespoons of pecans in the crumble on top. Let me know when you are ready for more pie and I will bring you a pecan free version :) Last night, in be, it occured to me that I make have had one slice to many. Took me a while to fall asleep.

I'm sorry to hear about Joel, we'll keep our fingers crossed that all forthcoming job oppertunities require you to stay just where you are. My rather selfish wish :)

Nataluscious said...

And once again, I am so sad I missed it. My loss. But glad it was fun - and a perfect ending to a not-so-perfect day. Speaking of Joel, send me his resume and/or (preferably) his online portfolio. I have someone I want to pass it along to...

Lovvvve you! (that got typed wrong, but then I decided I liked it. haha). I am devising ways even as we speak to lighten your load. So stay tuned... :)

Angie said...

Well, I'm feeling sheepish because I didn't ask about Joel's job yesterday. You can sit with us tomorrow if you think it would help:) But please let me know if you need anything.

Margo said...

I sure love you. Wish I was there to give your whole fam a huge hug. You are an amazing mother and I know that Ainsleigh will recieve the most care and love because of your amazing ways. I am so sorry about Joel. It has to work out because good things happen to good people and you are good people. I am super jealous about the pie party. I am so going to borrow that idea. love you tons.....

The Johnson Family of Colorado said...

Man, I wanted to go so bad, but alas I had a stake meeting to attend. :( The pies look so yummy!!! Can you gain weight from looking at pictures???