Monday, March 15, 2010

Also over the weekend,

To celebrate (Flat) Ainsleigh's trip to Israel, we made these:

That's falafel, pita bread and a mosaic. Ok, so I made the falafel and pita bread, and Ainsleigh did the mosaic. She's positively crazy for mosaics now (though there was a moment of panic on her part when she said, "It's not perfect - aaaaaarggh!" My little perfectionist. Now that she gets there's a space around EACH square, she's on fire for squares), recognizing them in various places besides pictures from Israel. Don't ask me why she chose pink as a background for a fish - she was in the zone.

And the falafel (if you can tell) is both in ball form and in flattened-patty form. The recipe (I figured "The Foods of Israel Today" was the place to go) said balls (which is how I remember seeing it before), but I figured flattened patties might fit inside the pita bread better? The homemade pita bread, n'est pas. Delicious fresh pita bread. And, of course, the requisite tzitziki sauce (or however you spell it). The delicious cucumbery-parsley-minty-yogurty deliciousness that bathed this meal. Made from homemade yogurt, OBVIOUSLY. Which is immensely gratifying to strain yourself in order to make Greek-style yogurt.

The point is - falafel, pita bread and mosaics. The Middle East is onto something.


OneTiredEma said...

Wow. I ate dinner really late and was bemoaning the lack of falafel choices (I suspected that where I took Flat Ainsleigh was already closed). Should have come to your house instead.

Although the sauce of choice in this part of the Mediterranean is tehina, made from sesame seeds. Still...yum!

Shira said...


laura said...

That looks awesome. All of it. Was the falafel hard to make? Also, I'm obsessed with Ainsleigh's mosaic obsession.

Christina said...

This makes me so happy... I am going to have to try those now!