Friday, March 26, 2010


And this girl

has not learned that crayons and rocks and playdough are not delicious no matter how many times she puts them in her mouth. I mean honestly, it's ludicrous. Even friends know not to give her crayons. She'll start of coloring and then it's like her eyes lock onto the colored stick and her mind goes, "Heeeeeeeey. Wait a second! This looks..." *nom nom nom* And she won't stop until A) you take it away, or B) she eats it. It's like she's making up for the fact that her two older siblings never so much as nibbled a crayon. Or swallowed playdough. Or licked batteries. That's right, batteries. She takes after my bro Dave on that one (who, subsequently, managed to turn 18 yesterday - an event which boggles my mind; and who maintains that he liked the taste of batteries. emphasis on the past tense there).

But perhaps the best thing about this girl right now is that when she gets stuck between the ottoman and the couch, or is trying to reach her cup, or wants to put her shoes on, she'll look at me with her big blue eyes and plead, "Hop me, Mom!" And when that girl asks for help, I will do just about anything. Except give her crayons.


Eric said...

you have to know the bad to appreciate the good:) she's just gearing up for some of her mom's awesome food!

Eric said...

that was posed by janine by the way:)

NancyO said...

Batteries! Does she prefer Evereadys or the yummy copper-top Duracells? Hilarious. (By the way, I see that my word verification word for posting this comment is "normata." Sounds like a good baby name for this crazy, mixed-up world.