Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This kid

had a playdate on Monday with a girl from school who thinks he's somethin' else. I know this because her mom told me so. The mom was almost apologetic when she dropped her daughter off because this girl, who is usually more tomboy-ish, had maybe viewed "playdate" with an emphasis on the latter part of the compound word. The mom had walked in on the girl powdering her nose. She had already clipped on earrings and tried to to put on a dress.

As they played (she had been persuaded out of her Sunday best and into a little more casual attire), I overheard her a couple times sigh, "Oh Donovan, you're great," in response to some of his jokes. Oh Donovan, you ARE great. But heaven help me for what the future holds.


laura said...

Ha! Oh little dude, what a ladies' man. And you're right to be nervous--being adorable with a good sense of humor is a deadly combo.