Friday, March 5, 2010

light sabers and little dudes

When my not-so-little-anymore-but-always-little-to-me brother was 3 or 4, he would sit next to my dad at the computer and watch the computer game unfolding before them. There David would sit, periodically patting my dad's back or leaning his head against him and saying, "I love you, Dad." Repeat this about 10 times over the course of an hour. We all used to giggle at how dang cute we thought it was (and, being the youngest of six kids automatically ups your cute factor, though truth be told he had it in spades) and I remember wondering if I would ever have a son like that, who was affectionate and loving and think I was omnipotent. At least in regards to video games.

I wonder no more.

In the eyes of Donovan, I am the best mom ever. And why? Because I am (marginal on average, but since this is new to him) the greatest video game player in the WORLD. That last part needed all caps.

Here's the thing - we haven't spent a lot of time with video games. A couple Christmases ago we splurged at got a Wii and have, as a family, enjoyed many a night of bowling or frisbee golf or whatever. Recently we introduced MarioKart and Donovan has become quite proficient at it. Then I heard that our library system as games you can check out, so I added a couple to our wait list. Last week, we got to bring home Legos Star Wars for seven days. This is when I achieved top gaming status.

Poor Joel didn't even have a chance. I wouldn't say I spent a ton of time with a controller in my hands, but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I was raised with video games. As such, I get the mentality of secrets and hidden things and puzzles. Joel did not, so he's learning (quickly, I might add), but he's no match for years of Super Mario Brothers and Zelda and Civilization. (I'm really not doing myself any favors, am I?)

Usually I do my library run in the morning, but I waited until after dinner to return the game last night, to give me us a few more hours. As we were finishing up (but still playing), I said, "Almost time to take it back. I'm going to miss this." And then, a split second behind me adding, "I think I miss it already," Donovan whispered, "I miss it already."

Oh, little dude. This morning he came in and asked if he could play Star Wars. I reminded him that I took it back. His face fell a little. And I had to keep myself from giggling because what he doesn't know is that five days ago I ordered it for his birthday present. How could I not - he loves it, and what's more, he loves playing it with me. Plus, I pulled out pillows for us to lay back on and, eyes huge, he noted, "It's like we're having a slumber party but playing games together. I love this." And who could say no to the adoring eyes of a nearly-five year old boy who claims you are "the best mom ever" while professing his love. Everyone wins. Next Saturday can't come soon enough.


PaloAltoCougar said...

Well obviously, I loved this anecdote as it brought back years of excellent memories. Multitasking as I read your post, I had Star Wars in my Amazon shopping cart, heading toward the exit, when I got to the part about your having ordered it (you ARE my daughter), so I slouched back to the video game aisle and put it back on the shelf. But I'll keep shopping. I don't intend to visit Dono next month empty handed.

Andrea said...

I am impressed. Andrew does not like playing lego Star Wars with me b/c I am not good. I have to stick with Super Mario Bros. The other Lego ones are also big hits here.

Lisa said...

That is so awesome. I, too, was raised playing various video games. It makes me happy to see it passed on :)

Sarah Burgoyne said...

That's it! We need a Wii! Now to convince Will that part of our tax return does not need to go to paying off the minivan.....

Emily said...

Oh Sarah, those words "LEGO STAR WARS" make me want to barf! My almost 5 year old (in May) is obsessed! He can't even think about anything but this game. I limmit his time playing the wii and its all I hear about! Do you have this problem with your kids. (you might after his b-day if you don't already! ;) I am at the point I want to get rid of our wii. Its all he wants to do! AHHH!