Thursday, March 18, 2010

New-to-her things

I absolutely LOVE this age. Gemma's, I mean. Simple things, like those I pass every day without a moment's notice, are worthy of a pause, a closer look, a coo. And I, in turn, get to see these things through her eyes and try to appreciate what she is seeing. Today it was the opportunity to walk home from visiting Ainsleigh at school. Each blade of grass, each spec of dust blowing by, the trickle of water draining into the gutter - all worthy of an extended index finger and a grin.

The weather has been quite enjoyable and a couple days ago I decided to push back dinner preparations to head into the backyard and soak up the sun. Gemma loves being outside. "Ah-SIE!" she'll yell while signing "outside" and standing by the back door. And that's when I thought of something that would totally blow her mind: Bubbles.

Out came our bubble bucket and in went the liquid and out came the wands and the bubbles and the squeals. Ainsleigh and Donovan still love bubbles and, let's face it, so do I. But'd think we were handing out jewels. Come to think of it, with the sun glinting on them, the did look a little like jewels. Big fleeting jewels. "Oh!" she exclaimed at each one. She tried to (and succeeded in) blowing a few, but was mostly entertained by following them around, trying to catch them.

These are the simple moments that I absolutely relish. In the midst of them, I can barely contain the "I'm so LUCKY to have this" feeling. Kind of the same feeling that Gemma had while chasing those bubbles.


Alice said...

Finn loves bubbles to. I think they're so magical for children.

Katie Ross said...

This is great age... if you have only have one.

Annie said...

So . . . I'm putting in a request (only if you want to though)! I'd love to see a clip of Gemma doing her sign language!