Monday, March 22, 2010

A pocket for Gemma

Give this girl a pair of pants with pockets, and she has already mastered the fists-jammed-deep-hey-there-world-try-to-impress-me look.

Except then she realizes she's acting like people and her casual expression breaks into a self-mocking cackle. And that's before she looks in the mirror and furrows her brow at what I've got going on with her hair.

But few things make me giggle right now like seeing her walk around the house with her hands in her pockets. Like I'm expecting her to kick the ground and mumble, "Um, Mom? Can I go over to Tyler's house? It's for math..."


laura said...

Doesn't moom have a picture of me standing next to you on the front porch of the Hancock Place house, and I have my hands shoved in my pockets, with pretty much that exact look on my face? Further proof that Gemma takes after her favorite aunt.

laura said...

Okay, maybe not the exact same look, but still pretty awesome:

(Thanks, mom!)

Sarah said...

Horrified and incredibly amused. What a GREAT picture. I think that's 5th grade? Everything about that outfit makes me laugh, especially when I think about how cool I thought I was.

Lisa said...

So awesome! I've been wondering when Jonathan will discover his pockets. Still hasn't happened yet.

GWACK said...

What a cutie she is!