Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend update

I'm trying to finish the girls' Easter ensembles and, well, it's taking a bit longer than I had anticipated. See, I've made something similar before so I thought it would be easier this time. I neglected to consider that I'm making TWO this time. And a tie. So...yeah. It's a bit more work. For the seamstresses out there (what's a male sewer - a sempter? a Project Runway contestant?), I've gone through TWO bobbins of thread already. And that's with only picking out a couple seams. But it's a whole lotta piecing and a whole lotta gathering and it's a whole lotta this from The Quilted Castle - a site I found when searching for Lila Tueller fabrics. If you sew, check out this place because the lady I ended up corresponding with was perfectly lovely. She also pointed me in the direction of another designer and now I'm considering what to make next. So, do that.

In other areas of Home Ec, I made a recipe featured on The Pioneer Woman earlier in the week. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to make/eat/stickmyfacein it. Since receiving my very own PW Cookbook, I might be obsessed with making all her recipes. As usual, I was not disappointed. If you like burgers and meat and gravy, then by all means, eat it. I'm already wondering if tomorrow would be too soon for a remake. And am I the only one who never even thought about dipping french fries in GRAVY? Good heavens, I'd even tried (once) the french-fry-in-ice-cream thing (no I wasn't pregnant and no I haven't done it since).

Saturday night. It's bathtime!


Lisa said...

I saw that PW recipe and drooled. It looked so yummy.

And I LOVE dipping my fries in a frosty. Hot + cold, salty + sweet, crunchy + smooth--wonderful.

laura said...

Don't they do french fries with gravy in Canada?