Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well FINE, I'll drive.

Taking advantage of the 75-degree weather today (an abrupt change from a week ago when the kids and I were wading through snow in our flip flops), I decided that Donovan, Gemma and I would bike over to the park to meet up with some friends. I was a bit interested in how this would go since A) we had done a morning of heavy leg work at the gym, B) after walking Ainsleigh to school, I jogged home, and C) it has been a loooooong time since I rode my bike and pulled the trailer. I pulled out the bike pump to fill my tires. The first clamp-on was decidedly shoddy as I tried to pump and it didn't work. This means I need to do a better job of getting it on the valve. This also means that fully deflated tires are a pain to inflate. I gave another (half-hearted?) attempt at clamping on the pump end to the presta valve. I attempted to pump but was met with resistance. As I pondered on this and the annoyance at fully deflated tires, I decided to give it one more (lame) attempt. Imagine my dismay-turned-resignation when I heard a loud *POP*. I looked down. There, on the floor of my garage, lay my bike pump, in pieces. I will take this as a sign from a higher power that under no circumstances must I lift a finger for the rest of the day. Because, you know, otherwise stuff explodes.

Time to buy a new pump.

(Dear Weather,
Feel free to stay like this for a very long time. The park was wonderful and the sun was warm and we might have even got a touch sun-kissed. It was marvelous. None of us wore flip flops, though. See, I'm learning! xoxo,s)


Lisa said...

I know, this weather is AMAZING!

I don't even know how to blow up bike tires. Or ride a bike...

Katie Ross said...

We love to go on bike rides with the boys. There's some great trails around here. Glad you had some warm weather for a change!