Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26

To the girl who once found a lump of baked potato in her bed; to the girl who spent countless hours playing Barbies and ice skating and college with me; to the girl who worked with me one summer on a super secret project that gave birth to countless inside jokes; to the girl who shares a love of food and tv and the Backyardigans that rivals my own; to the girl who made me yearn for a little sister for Ainsleigh so she could know just how phenomenal sisters can be; to the girl who I'm representing with these images:
Everyone put on your favorite pair of yoga pants and join with me in wishing my sister Allison a very happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

ps - Margaret Moomey wishes you a happy birthday, too. She's toasting you with a jar of milk. (see - I could go on for PAGES with inside jokes. And nobody will think they're funny - but Allison is reading this while sipping her diet Coke and contemplating finding a vest with tie-backs and thinking today she is happy as punch. TOO.MANY.STUPID.THINGS! that's what working in a mostly-windowless room through gazillions of pages of legal documents will do to you. Tabbing...Tabbing all day...)


Allison said...

More than a vest-shirt, I really just want to find a giant pair of panties and lay them on the floor and admire their hugeness. Or use them as a parachute. And steal jelly bellies with you while having a three legged race down the hall while wearing swim caps and goggles. Good times.

Oh, and best.collage.ever. Totally me in a jpeg. Finished off my diet coke, now to crack open a diet dr pepper.

Melin said...

Um, I am really laughing at the inside jokes and would enjoy them being made public. How can you not laugh at someone finding potato in their bed? What's wrong with my vest tie back?

Jeff and Jess said...

For some reason I shudder any time I see "Slipper and the Rose" references.

Nataluscious said...

As someone who has enjoyed many a laugh from those summer job stories, I salute you Allison (and Sarah too!). Happy Birthday to someone who can turn most anything into fun. (this includes lameA poli sci lectures. we're farting... farting... farting all through the night)