Sunday, April 11, 2010

big weekend

Oh it has been a busy wonderful exciting emotional week! My mom flew in on Monday and I have been relishing every moment I could get, often in the form of her washing dishes, baking cookies, or playing with the kids. Wednesday was Ainsleigh's first time at "Activity Days" (a group of girls 8-11 who get together every other week for an activity at the church). I walked into the room to pick her up, only to be brought up short as I saw her laying on her stomach on the floor, knees bent with her ankles crossed in the air, her head close to another girl's as they talked and giggled. She just seemed so...old.

My dad and brother David flew in on Thursday and it was delightful to have them here. They, and my mom, were in town for Ainsleigh's baptism. In our church, kids are baptized after they turn eight. So this is kind of a big milestone. No wait, it's a BIG milestone.

Here's the thing - I remember getting baptized. I remember what I wore, who gave talks, how I felt. I also remember feeling like I knew a lot and was pretty independent. So now I look at Ainsleigh and I realize she has those same thoughts and I am struck by two things: 1) I did NOT know a lot, and 2) I'm not ready for her to think she's nearly independent.

Without going into too much detail (I *do* keep some personal things personal), it was probably one of the best days of my life as a mother. Ainsleigh was wonderful. She looked beautiful in the dress my mom had made for her. She seemed to really understand (as much as she can at this age) what she was doing. She was really impressed with the gorgeous quilt my mom had made for the occasion. She was honored by all the friends who attended, and the gifts that were given to her (partly because they were unexpected!). She was delighted and awed that her aunt, who has been in the hospital for the past couple weeks and is still fighting a fight that others would have given up long ago, and uncle sent a beautiful journal with a wonderful letter inside. We missed Joel's mom and dad, but are thankful that they are able to give his sister and her family the attention they need at this time.

It was one of those moments where I look at my child and the joy she brings renders me nearly speechless. I see her doing big girl things. I see myself as that mom to a big girl. I see us maturing as mother and daughter. I think this is a good thing.

But I still reserve the right to cry as my kids look at me with a mixture of sympathy and confusion. My mom seems to be hanging in there. I suppose I can, too.


Allison said...

Ahhhhh, she's so big! I totally remember the day I was baptized. I vowed I would be perfect after that. That only lasted an hour or so, until Jeff did something to annoy me and I called him a jerk. But yeah, I totally felt old. I can't believe Ainsleigh is that old, but congratulations to her. We were thinking of her.

And as a sidenote, you look fantastic in that picture.

Anonymous said...

Send a hearty and sincere congratulations to my favorite little niece. And I LOVE the look on her face in that picture. Like you said, it totally says, "I know a lot and I'm nearly independent." I think it also has a bit of, "Really, what would they do without me to, you know, keep things in order?"

-[The Other] Uncle Dave

Anne said...

congrats to ainsleigh! what a special day.

TheKunks said...

What a great picture. Congrats on the wonderful occasion.

Shira said...

Big Congratulations to all of you on Ainsleigh's big day! What a beautiful picture.

GWACK said...

Congratulations to Ainsleigh! Such a grown up girl! Alex and Claire went to one of Claire's friend's baptism last night and she came home crying because "all of my friends are 8 and baptized and I'm not!" Oh goodness. Her day will come in the near future. :)

Can you believe we're old enough to have 8 and 7 1/2 year olds? I feel like I was just baptized, like 10 years ago.

BTW...awesome dress you have on.

The Johnson Family of Colorado said...

I am so sorry I messed it, but reading your blog and visiting with you on Tuesday, made me feel quite vicariously there...and may I say "vicariously" the day was splendid!