Thursday, April 15, 2010

Huh. I guess that's it.

I looked over my right shoulder at Ainsleigh sitting there in the back seat of the car. I blinked, looked forward again, squinting into the sunset. Looked back over my shoulder and exhaled slowly through my nose.

"See," she gestured at herself.

Thoughts raced through my mind, of when I bought her first infant carseat and reading the weight limits and guessing how long she'd be in it (a year, by the way). I remembered how I read that for safety, some people kept their kids in carseats until they were eight. EIGHT. How cruel, I thought at the time. And we are. Eight years old. She had asked if she still needed this (awesome leopard print) booster seat. I brushed her off, bargaining that we'd just have to see. That the seatbelt needed to cross her chest comfortably and not cut across her neck. That her legs needed to bend at the end of the seat, not several inches before. So in a moment of "I'll show you you're not big enough," I plucked her booster from the back seat and decided to really assess the situation.

"See," she repeated, snapping me back to the present, a silly grin plastered on her face telling me she knew she was going to win this one.

I tried to grasp at any excuse I could to keep her in that seat. That's when I realized that keeping her in that thing won't keep her from talking about Taylor Swift. It won't keep her from noticing boys. It won't keep her from going away to college some day.

I slowly exhaled again. Shrugged. Shook my head.

"I guess...hmm...well..." shook my head again, "I guess that's it."

No more carseat for Ainsleigh. I honestly did not think this day would ever come.

"You're so jealous of me right now," she whispered to Donovan. I suppose there's only so much growing up you can do in an afternoon.


wanda said...

Aw, CeCe.... can't we keep trimming her back like a bonsai tree?

Lisa said...

Oh man, that's a milestone. How crazy to think that that'll be Jonathan someday. I'm just going to pretend like that's not true. :)

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Oh boy, I have a confession, Madelynne will be 7 in June and she is still in a 5 point harness. Its officially a booster seat with a back. The 5 point harness can be removed and a seat belt can be used. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Is that weird?

Angie said...

It's funny how you don't really think of that milestone, but it's a big one.

Margo said...

Sarah, I love reading your blog. I can't believe all the big milstones you are hitting. I loved reading about your baby turning eight and then getting baptized. You are an amazing mother and your children are so lucky to have you. Your children are amazing and you are blessed to have them. Love you tons...