Friday, April 23, 2010

making money

"Mom! I've been earning money," Ainsleigh declared excitedly.
"Oh really? How?"
"I've been dancing. And Dono pays me."

Hmm. That just sounds...wrong. For so many reasons. Upon later investigation, there outside her bedroom door was her little plastic desk/tray thing with a plate on it. In back of it, was this sign:

In the plate that was in front of the sign were a quarter and two pennies. They both just looked so proud of themselves that I just shrugged and said, "Good job."

Later, I returned to Donovan's room. There, outside his room, was HIS plastic desk/tray. I stepped over it and went into his room. "Mom! You're supposed to PAY me before coming into my room. That's how I'm earning money." Um, no. "But I have to earn money. And it's MY ROOM!" he pleaded. Ok, well this is MY house, so if you want to sleep here, you're going to have to pay me. He cocked his head to the side, eyes narrowed in thought, before slowly nodding and saying, "Ok, because you come in my room more than I sleep so I will still make money."


I tried to get them to use Ainsleigh's pretend money but they weren't having it. I suppose this is because they have just had birthdays and had accrued some cash that they then spent at Toys R Us and Target. They were positively giddy to drop their crumpled bills and spare change on the counter (Donovan had a suspiciously large cache (pun!) of change which he may or may not have legitimately earned - I suspect he has been foraging through Joel's drawers) and take home their new favorite toys ever.

I'm putting a stop to the paying each other to do stuff. Otherwise I'm going to start collecting fees for rent, groceries, and maybe by-the-item laundering. I'm going to make a killing. Thanks, kids, for the idea. Time to start earning some wages!

ps-Are you getting tired of the Easter pictures? I swear I'm almost done with them...


Lisa said...

While I like your idea of charging for various mom-related duties, I'm not sure if the by-the-item laundering would take off. I think kids would just opt to never have anything cleaned. :)

laura said...

She'll be ready to perform in the NYC subways in no time!