Tuesday, April 13, 2010

puffy arms

Yesterday, Donovan and I were walking to pick Ainsleigh up from school. It was really quite windy and my hair was blowing all over the place. We were chatting about this and that, mostly about how we had just seen the first roly poly of the season (his terms) and when would we see ladybugs and butterflies. All of a sudden, Donovan's voice rose, "Mom! You have a spider on you!" Hair blowing all over the place, I'm trying to look down to see what he's talking about. "Where?" I asked. "On your shirt!" he replied. I'm still looking, hair still all over the place (have I mentioned that it's getting annoyingly long?) and say, "I don't see it" and am prepared to just give up. I mean, it's probably just a small bug, right?

"It's...there! On your boob!"

I paused for just a moment, caught between being startled at him using that word and then actually looking down and seeing that, yes, there was a giant bug of some kind (NOT a spider) attached to my right, er, chest area. I brushed it off and looked at Donovan.

I couldn't help but giggle.

"Um, Donovan. Where...um, why...um, how do you know the word boob?"

"I just know stuff. It's...you know...like..." he starts to gesture an ample bosom, "puffy arms or something." Huh.

As we continued our walk, we talked about the bug trying to climb up to my shoulder for a nice view as he hitched a ride. Dono kept giggling at the grin I could not get off my face. What's a mother to do when her son does or says something entirely unexpected and a little amusing.

We found ladybugs when we got home. And Donovan told Ainsleigh about the hitchiking bug. He managed to tell it without mentioning my, er, puffy arms again.


The Johnson Family of Colorado said...

I love it, Dano is a crack-up! I guess I have puffy arm syndrome! P.S. so GLAD it wasn't a spider!!!!!!