Tuesday, April 20, 2010

she who will not be named

"Gemma, say Dono," I request.
"Say Ainsleigh."
"Say Gemma."
*thumps chest*

"Say dog."
"Say cow."
"Say flower."
"Say outside."
"Say pretty."
"Say Gemma."
*thumps chest*

Yesterday evening, as we sat outside eating dinner in the warm spring air, the game went on and on. The kids just about giggled off their chairs as Gemma attempted to mimic the words for book, train, street, car, dress, baby, happy, slide, shoes, bacon, hippo, chair, spoon, noodles, etc. Every now and then I would throw in a Gemma. She wouldn't have it. Silently she'd thump her chest. Sometimes she would say, "Me." It culminated in a particularly long string of words, many toward the end with the "j" sound at the beginning, before I quickly threw in, "Say Gemma."

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKK!" She screeched at an increasing pitch that may have summoned the neighborhood dogs, all while turning pink and shaking with fury.

This, of course, sent the rest of us into hysterical laughing. Which she, in turn absorbed and began cackling and clapping. Until I dared to say, "Say Gemma" one more time. The stone-faced staredown was all she gave me this time. No scream. No "Me." No chest thump.

She's nothing, if not stubborn. She's Gemma.


Becca said...

OOOoooooooooo I'm so excited to squeeze her in 8 days!!

Lisa said...

That is too funny!! You know, my bro Matt went through a phase when he's only call himself Amy. "Say Matt" "Matt" "Say Thew" "Thew" "Matthew" "AMY!"

laura said...

And she's SO CUTE! I love the picture of her peeking around Ainsleigh's dress, hahaha.