Thursday, April 22, 2010

she's a problem solver

For the most part, Ainsleigh and Donovan play really well together. Sometimes, however, he can be a bit...much. Which, don't get me wrong, serves Ainsleigh well when she isn't the target. But sometimes he just does dumb stuff. Like knocking stuff over. Or poking her. Or calling her names. JUST IGNORE HIM, I tell her. He's doing it for attention, so when you get upset he WINS. But he doesn't stop. Sometimes, when he's just in one of his moods, he calls me Mommy-ka-Bommy or Mommers (which, now that I've tried to spell it out, I find quite amusing). For the most part, it doesn't phase me. If I'm getting after him for some turdish behavior, he'll suddenly interject a "Ok, Mommy-ka-Bommy," all serious and I have to roll my eyes. Daddy-ka-Baddy, Dadders, Gemma-ka-Memma, they're all in rotation. But for some reason Ainsleigh absolutely cannot stand when Donovan busts out an "Ainsleigh-ka-Bainzlee." Oh that drives her nuts. We've had more than one discussion about how to deal with this. Last week I was cleaning up her room and came across this note:

I like that she not only addressed her feelings, but gave him options, listing his friends' names and illustrating a possible scenario where Donovan is calling his friend "Zach Aach" all while said Zach is smiling. I like that she understands her brother just has to be annoying, but is trying to negotiate a plan that would benefit them both. I like that about her.


wanda said...

I believe I got the name "moomy" when such kind of shenanigans (name calling) was going on in our car by Jeff!

laura said...

Hahaha, I love Seesee and her notes. Nice that she isn't just shutting him down, but is helping him explore other avenues. And her earrings are looking good!