Monday, April 12, 2010

that was easy

A couple weeks ago, the splendid Sylvia gave me an Easy Button. You know the one (unless you're my mom):

And it sounds just like it does in the commercial - push it, and hear, "That was easy!"

Why would the splendid Sylvia give me an Easy Button? Because she shares the same frustrations around homework time. And, actually, I think most parents do. But Sylvia and I have been trading helps and she stumbled across this little motivator - power through the assignment and once you've got the hang of it, or finished it, or whatever, reward the kid by telling them to "Go push the Easy Button!" It has been very amusing to see how much they love this thing.

Hey Donovan, if you can clean up your room without whining, you can push the Easy Button.

Hey Ainsleigh, you did a great job at staying focused on that paper - push the Easy Button!

Hey Gemma, you're awesome - push the Easy Button. (Except that Gemma does not respect the Easy Button as we have discovered. The other kids will ASK if they can push it, she just climbs up onto my desk and pushes it. Cheater!)

And I won't hesitate to say that after finishing cleaning the monumental mess that is my kitchen, I push the Easy Button! It's very satisfying. And you can bet a love-it size Cold Stone creation that when I finished Ainsleigh and Gemma's Easter dresses, I pushed that Easy Button. Twice. Well, there were TWO dresses, duh.

So here are some pictures from Easter. I'll admit it - we generally have very flattering pictures of the kids. But today, I'm going with the most awkward I could find. Because it's that sorta day. Joel is out of town so I'm just uploading like a photoshop fool. It's hard enough going through hundreds of photos - and then to change the tint by two points? Bleh. And, actually, there are probably 20 other things he does, but I just open pictures and say, "Pretty!" or "Great!" or "Whoa - what is he/she/me doing? Never print that." So here we are. Easter day. Easter finery. Easter candy.

ok, Gemma gets a good one:

Her eyes do me in. They're like the cat in Shrek when he's all snippy and then when he wants something, his eyes go all big and pleading. She just has to look at me and say, "Peez" and my pockets turn inside out of their own volition.

Go get yourself an Easy Button. And then press it. I dare you not to smile.


Katie Ross said...

I need to get me an Easy Button! Maybe I'd me more motivated to unpack the last of the boxes, mop the dirty floor, or scan my box of pictures my mom took when we were all little. BTW, the dresses you made are adorable!

OneTiredEma said...

dresses = adorable.

do you hire yourself out? miss m needs more long skirts. (i was very impressed by the one flat ainsleigh was sporting...that's yours too, right?)

Angie said...

Easy Button...interesting..I might try that one. The dresses turned out very cute!!

laura said...

Those dresses are super cute! Can I have one? And I love the awkward pics.

Radmall said...

Well Done. Which pattern did you use?