Thursday, May 6, 2010

birthday food

I had just returned from an early morning workout and crawled back into bed when Donovan skipped into my bedroom and cuddled up behind me. "Happy birthday, Mommy! What are you going to do today?" he asked. A little pause. "Besides go shopping for pants."

I didn't realize he had overheard me. Or maybe I had actually told him. Either way, shopping for pants didn't rank high on his "things I want to do for my birthday" list. But that's exactly what I did. I found pants. Not only did I do that, but I went to a lovely outdoor shopping center with a dear friend and, perhaps most importantly, with NO KIDS. It's like the feeling of a suddenly warm day in the middle of winter where you've been wearing layers and layers of clothes and then this one day you're walking around in a tee and skirt, alternately pleased with the slight breeze swirling about your nether regions and terrified you might give the people around you a show/fright. It was...liberating. The shopping, I mean. I wasn't wearing a skirt that day.

And then this dear friend took me to lunch at a breakfast/lunch place. When I showed Joel the menu the night before, he said, "Doesn't Sylvia know you don't like breakfast?" Not entirely true. I don't like breakfast FOR breakfast. But breakfast for lunch or dinner? That's the sweet spot.

I ordered the breakfast burrito described with tantalizing words such as "smothered" and "chorizo" and "chile verde" and "avocado sauce" and "smoked chili sour cream." They neglected to use, but very well could have, the word "heaven," especially considering how my current cold has dulled my taste buds.

Sylvia took advantage of their pancake slider platter in order to sample four kinds of their pancakes, rather than just one (giant pancake). Her selections included the lemon blueberry buttermilk, fried apple, strawberry cheesecake, and OREO pancakes. You read that right - O-R-E-O. Our eyes nearly fell out of our heads as we beheld the oreo-crusted marshmallow and chocolate fudge-drenched beauties. All topped with whipped cream, duh. I was a little disgusted that they brought this out WITH a carafe of syrup. Whaaaaa? I guess that's like the old people asking for salsa to accompany the boeuf bourguignon my aunt had slaved over for hours before. Needless to say, we passed on the syrup.

Then I cake home to behold various birthday fairies who had bestowed promises of extra hours at the gym in the guise of cookies, Cold Stone cupcakes (who knew?!), and whoopie pies (obscenely delicious, people). And then, to top it all off, I gorged on Arizona egg rolls, a prime rib french dip sandwich, and bread pudding at the White Chocolate Grill (do I save any face by saying I shared ALL of those?).

My point is, there was a lot of good eating. I was delighted to see the many well wishes via email and Facebook (that might be one of the few things I like about FB) but was amused by all the "eat good food!" and "hope your day is delicious!" and so forth. I was thinking, "Do people only equate me with food?" Maybe people know me better than myself.

So now I do question the reasoning behind shopping for pants for my birthday. Maybe Donovan was just showing wisdom beyond his years as he tried to redirect how I would spend my day. But I bought pants in a size I haven't in years, and so far they still fit.

Brunch, anyone?


laura said...

Dude, the other day my friend was talking about wanting to experiment with Oreo pancakes and I thought it was GENIUS. Now I need to try this.

wanda said...

Hahaha, was that a Freudian slip
"Then I *cake* home to behold..."
I'll only equate you with food when you type food into your sentences when you don't mean to!

Sarah said...

Ahahahaha! Guilty as charged! I'm leaving it. I am what I type...

Lisa said...

Those pancakes sound AMAZING. And I was one of those FB food-mentioning people. Because you know food, and I just KNOW you're going to have good food on your birthday.