Saturday, May 22, 2010


When I went to get my haircut (well, I guess I should say fixed since it had already been cut) I mentioned to the stylist that I had some dry scalp issues right up at my hairline. I asked what it could be from and what I could do to fix it. She reminded me that Colorado is really dry and with the changing seasons, it could flare up. I could try to rub a little moisturizer up there, but since it didn't really affect anywhere else then I'd probably just have to wait for it to pass. Then she threw out there, "Or it could be stress-related. Are you under a lot of stress right now?"

I chuckled. Stress. Huh.

"Let's see, my husband got laid off and we painfully considered and rejected a job offer somewhere else and a sister-in-law has not been recovering from her latest cancer as well as we would have hoped and my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and has now been put on an ILP and there's discussion of vision therapy and we had to get our house painted because the HOA told us we had to and then the hard drive my husband's entire professional career was housed on totally crashed and we know we should have backed it up but we hadn't gotten that far what with all the other stuff and so now it's so bad they're saying it will cost $2000 and in the meantime a client needs files that are on that and he's getting ready to leave for the weekend and my kid is puking. So...stress. Perhaps that is a contributing factor."

At the moment, we've decided to hold off on the data recovery as Joel tries to piece together his portfolio through emails he has sent and former co-workers.

this is as close to a "before" picture as I can find

it's hard to tell, but the door and shutters are black

And our house really does look better so at least the outside kind of camouflages what might be going on inside. When Ainsleigh got up in the night, puked, went back to bed. Twice. Told me in the morning. I felt bad I wasn't there to rub her back, but also thrilled that I got to avoid that part. Now Donovan is retching every half an hour, but he has his own brand of stellar. Other than the 6:30 am running into my room wailing at a pitch that tore me from slumber, sure one of my children was being murdered, only to see him run straight to my toilet and hurl, his approach has been to calmly notify me, "Mom, I fink I want to frow up in the toilet," and then we'll walk to the bathroom and I'll rub his back while his stomach attempts to wring out the remaining drops of digestive acid left behind. "When can I eat something?" he asks immediately after. Dude, seriously? At least I'm not scrubbing carpets or gingerly pulling off soiled clothes.

When the stylist finished my hair and I was a bit surprised at the length (but what should I have expected - she wasn't adding extensions, duh), I thought of how a fresh look can go a long way for making things seem better than they are. And I'm not saying things are bad. Really, in the grand scheme of things, most of these are superficial. I am looking forward to some one-on-one time with Ainsleigh this summer as we determine the best way to help her literacy rate (more on that later). Joel is keeping busy with freelance work (we really have invested in a back-up system and we really will use it now). And the kids WILL get better eventually (nice that it coincides with their dad being out of town) (hey Gemma - stay healthy baby!). And maybe the new length will distract people from the dry scalp.


Alice said...

At least you got to sleep in until 6:30:) Is it sad when I think 6:30am is sleeping in?

Sarah Burgoyne said...

What the heck?! I totally crossed my fingers that the throwing up would begin and end with Ainsleigh. I'm going to have to get my fingers checked, their luck must be running out.

Annie said...

Sarah, I used to deal with a dry scalp. That was when I use to wash my hair everyday. Now that I do it every other day, I don't seem to have that problem anymore. I also tried - um I think it's called - scalpicin?. But I found that if I just didn't wash it too often that that worked. And it is better for your hair anyway! We fair skinned/freckled people are kinda dry I think. Good luck! Oh and sorry your kidlets are sick!