Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cheesy (I canNOT pass up a pun)

If I was going to describe my life in terms of cheese, I think I could best sum it up with Roquefort. Some might be put off by the moldy bits. Some might think it stinks. And then some might actually taste it and see that, when coupled together, the smooth and the stinky combine to make a truly eye-opening experience that raises your awareness and appreciation to new levels. You can even remind yourself that some people go their whole lives without experiencing such deliciousness. And be grateful for the sour parts that enhance the tangy, as well as the accompanying ingredients.

In completely unrelated news, my grocery store puts cheese from their "cheese island" on clearance and what was regularly $30/lb becomes half off, so I totally scored a 4 oz wedge of Roquefort and I've been gazing fondly at it, deliberating over what exactly to do with it. The fumes might be going to my head...


NancyO said...

That's funny - I just left Whole Foods where I bought, among other things, a wedge of blue cheese called "Cambozola Black Label Champignon" on a whim. Haven't tried it yet. Hope you like yours.