Wednesday, June 2, 2010


First, my parents and brother are traipsing about the French countryside (picture taken from her blog - it was a tossup between it and this one. I don't think it's possible for me to love my dad more than I do when I look at that picture). Some days they're just walking a billion miles and some days they're riding bikes for even more. It would seem that my brother isn't holding them back too much and I am trying my hardest to live vicariously through my mom's blog rather than let the envy eat me alive. And while touring and cycling and immersing herself in fabulous, she still had time to recover the 2-year-old-Donovan-toilet-seat pictures I was searching for. Talk about multitasking!

Second, back up your hard drives. I think I've made that mental note about four times now, generally following a traumatic crash of a drive and then paying hundreds of dollars in recovery fees. This time...oh boy. This time it was bad enough on the drive Joel had that they're quoting us close to $2k. Suffice it to say, Joel is trying to rebuild his portfolio through former co-workers and clients, as well as old emails, rather than have to spend money we surely don't want to spend. So back up your hard drive. Back up your hard drive. BACK IT UP!

Third, BUNNIES. One of the charming things around here is that bunnies just roam. Kind of like squirrels in California. Well, we do have squirrels here, but even more bunnies. It's all cute and funny until they poop on your lawn or eat your carefully grown flowers or have babies under your deck and then jump into a window well that you rarely ever see since it is UNDER THE DECK and, it being a deep window well, DIE. And then one of the babies jumps in another window well and, since you don't know it is down there, DIES. Seriously. We're 2 for 4 so far. And I had JUST checked them, so that means one of them jumped in and died within 24 hours. How is that even possible? Did it realize it wasn't going to get out, so it just made its eyes into x's, stuck its tongue out, rolled over and gave up the ghost? My kids thought the babies were adorable until I made them come in and scrub their hands clean (don't think I didn't consider bathing their mitts in alcohol and taking a match to them - that might have been excessive, though?) and then made them all swear, under penalty of extreme discomfort, that they would never touch them again.


Ok, I don't have a fourth. But after staring into this baby's blues, who cares? Just imagine her asking, "Why?" after anything you say to her, and then when you give your response, her saying, "Oh, right." From that response, I can only deduce that she totally understands my explanation of the water cycle.


Allison said...

I'm imagining her cute little voice saying "Emaline" and "Annabelle." When I told Mabes this morning that Gemma said her name on the phone last night, she chuckled and asked me to call you so she could talk to Gemma. I told her that Gemma wouldn't be very talkative at 6 am. But who knows, maybe she is?

I want to squeeze her.

Jo said...

We had a baby bunny in our window well this week, too. Because the window is in the kids' room, we were able to enjoy the bunny and release it alive!