Monday, June 28, 2010

I scream, you scream, no wait, it's still me...

We're counting down to National Ice Cream Month, people. It occurs to me that perhaps Allison made it up, giving us just the excuse we need to eat massive quantities of frozen desserts in the name of patriotism. Or maybe it's just a ploy by the Edy's/Dreyer's company? Or the Dairy Society. But who cares - this is just the kind of conspiracy veiled in Americana that has me hanging striped buntings and waving sparklers.

With it being so hot and my deep freezer being so big and the grocery stores being so generous with their markdowns, I'm totally loading up. So I have a few more food things to talk about.

First, Dreyer's (or Edy's, depending on your location west/east of the Mississippi) Yogurt Blends - namely Cookies & Cream. I know! Yogurt! It is actually quite delicious. And not yogurt-y/healthy tasting at all! Phew! I can totally eat half the carton without the guilt! It says live active cultures, so I'm obviously doing my body a favor, right? I thought for sure Joel would roll his eyes and paw past the carton to its full-fat more-attractive cream-based cousin, but not only did he try the frozen yogurt, but he chose it. Try the Tart Mango if you can get your hands on it. Thank me later.

Second, sometimes I fantasize about living in the freezer case at Costco. So much wonderfulness awaiting baking or steaming or just plain eating. The tortilla encrusted tilapia is money well spent. Those sorbets in the half-fruits are just as delicious and impressive as you might hope. And the fruits make exquisite smoothies. But today I'm going to extol the virtues of that giant box of frozen ice cream bars, sandwiches, and drumsticks. I've seen it there just about every time I've ever gone and thought, "Delicious, but I'm not really a novelty fan." Which is a total lie because come summertime, I'm a glutton for an ice cream sandwich. Last trip to Costco, I took a closer look and decided that the per-unit price would make its purchase worth my while. And I adore Costco's return policy, which I have used on occasion when a food didn't thrill me (see: rice pilaf, orange chicken). I decided we'd eat the ice cream bars first, since those appealed to me less (look at me, delaying gratification! um...sort of?). With many apologies to the ice cream bar community, these were outstanding - some of the best ice cream bars I've ever had. All too soon, they were gone. On to the ice cream sandwiches. I don't ask for much in an ice cream sandwich. I like it to stay a little firm, gradually softening as I eat it so that the last inch or two start to seep out the sides and I can lick them. It should also taste ice cream-ish. THESE ice cream sandwiches? These ice cream sandwiches have shown me what ice cream sandwiches should be. First of all, they're fat. Not obviously fat, just a little extra on the height/width dimensions. Second, the cookie is soft-ish, but not soggy. I was three bites into my first one when I silently (I think/hope) sighed contentedly. We even had friends over for ice cream and even they noted the superiority. Phenomenal. I haven't even tried the drumsticks yet, but I suspect they will require their own post.

Sad news: apparently It's-It is a regional thing because I was suddenly yearning for one and they are not to be found (and those shipping costs are a bit prohibitive). Wah. Those things are so delicious. And a perfectly respectable lunch since it is a SANDWICH.

So with all this ice cream talk, of course I will be churning out a few of homemade ice cream, just as soon as I figure out what kinds to make. You can't go wrong with a good standard vanilla or chocolate. I've got a weird texture issue with coconut so although I love a coconut ice cream, I've only made it without the flakes. What else - oh, I have a recipe for a delightful toasted almond (note to self: try chocolate toasted almond). It occurs to me that I haven't tried a fruit ice cream yet. Huh. I'll have to think about that, especially since I remember having peach ice cream on a peach pie once at a friend's house (who made the most outstanding ribs as well) and it totally blew my mind. If you are so inclined, leave a comment with ice cream suggestions (bonus for recipes). Do I dare attempt a sorbet? Hmm...I think I'll ponder that as I eat dinner. We're having sandwiches since it's so hot. I refuse to specify what type.


laura said...

With my arrival mere days away, I highly approve of this post.

Lisa said...

Don't be surprised if you see a sweating pregnant girl on your doorstep one of these days. Your deep freezer sounds like heaven. In fact, I think I'll just climb in and start eating. That would solve two problems at once for me.

My dad almost ALWAYS makes fruit icecream when he makes it, and it is way delish. We used to beg for boysenberry icecream.

janine said...

We do some killer homemade ice-creams. Eric has just put his final touches on his maple-nut recipe and i must say, it's fabulous and i'm not a maple nut fan!!! creamy creamy!

loewymartin said...

Ken made us all ice cream a few times while we were on vacation last week. He made black cherry and then peach, but the best was his banana ice cream with vanilla wafers and rum with vanilla extract. YUM! I love homemade ice cream!!