Tuesday, June 29, 2010

if you like peanut butter (and bananas)

Scoop wonderful vanilla bean ice cream into bowl.
(Slice banana over ice cream.)
Drizzle on chocolate sauce.
Put a small tablespoon generous scoop of peanut butter into a microwave-safe bowl and zap for 15 seconds.
Drizzle peanut butter over chocolate sauce.
Top with whipped cream.
Sit on couch watching mindless television, eating above sundae while having your feet plunged into cold water since you refused to turn on the air conditioning and it has been a long hot day with the general public witnessing multiple 2-year-old tantrums and excessive other-year-olds whining.

You've earned it.

I am totally kicking myself for having taken 34 years to consider the benefits of melting peanut butter. The possibilities are endless.

Why can I only talk about food lately?


Radmall said...

So. Try this on for size. Take 6 TBSP of peanut butter and mix with 2 TBSP of powdered sugar. Chill for an hour. Put saran wrap on a tray that will fit into your freezer. "Pinch" the peanut butter into globs and put on the tray (I rinse my hands with cold water periodically to keep the PB from getting too melty). Freeze until they are "solid". Mix into your chocolate ice cream. Thank me later.

Lisa said...

I am so melting peanut butter and putting it on my icecream tonight. Such a great idea.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

Hold on a minute! I witnessing multiple 2-year-old tantrums and excessive other-year-olds whining yesterday! It's like we are twins!

Annie said...

I like it when you talk about food . . . It makes me happy!