Tuesday, June 8, 2010

pomp and circumstance

I totally neglected to mention that Donovan had his preschool graduation. Like, a month ago. Or something. I suppose the lot of a non-first child is that things like this are important enough to document, just not seconds after it has occurred. Or even a couple weeks. Then again, I was kind of distracted with the barfing and the getting-stuck-in-a-toilet-seat incidents.

This really has been a great year for Donovan. He has absolutely LOVED Miss Leigh (Miss Wee, as his speech allows). So did I, actually. I'm kind of in a funk knowing that in the fall I'm not going to get to see her joyful face three mornings a week. I'd consider just driving by, but that starts to sound a bit creepy, and I don't want to hurt Gemma's future chance of being in her midst. The best thing about Miss Leigh is that she just exudes love. I truly believed she loved all of those kids (and me!) and you can tell the kids knew (and relished) it, too.

So let's see, this year he finished learning all of his letter sounds and has started to read the Bob books. Soon after preschool started, he learned/figured out how to count to 100. Since then, if he does something that might get him sent to a room or the thinking chair, I give him the option instead to go outside and jump on the trampoline while he counts to 100. He ALWAYS chose the trampoline - even if it was 35 degrees outside.

Donovan is a natural leader. He thinks/knows he's funny and THRIVES on making people laugh, though his ideas don't always execute the way he had envisioned (see: hat, toilet seat). I can't tell you how many times he would make a (stupid) joke in the car on the way to school and the boy we drive with would cackle. But when that boy would make a (similarly stupid) joke, Donovan would just say, "That's not really funny. Try it like this..." and then amend the (still stupid) joke. I had several parents tell me their kids were doing weird/dumb things at home and when they asked where they learned it, they'd hear, "Donovan." Super. Among other annoying habits, Donovan does this stupid dance/whatever when I start to act irritated with whatever he was doing (I've tacked on his dumb face - that face ANGERS me. Usually I want to sink a kiss into his cheeks, but that face -- well...ANGER. I have to leave the room. I'll just leave it at that):

But on the flip side, all the girls wanted to marry him (except one Violet who decided there was too much competition and moved on) and all the boys wanted to BE him. Ok, not BE him, but be near him? That might be a better description. At the graduation, they had a pinata and (wisely) had Donovan to go last since last year he totally demolished it in one swing.

Afterward, the boys had their boy huddle and I made a silent wish that 13 years from now, at high school graduation, we can get a similar picture. They'll still do a group hug, right? RIGHT?!

I'm sure someone made a gas-related joke in there.
I'm also sure it was Donovan.


laura said...

To be fair, that dance IS hilarious.

Also, yay for new header pics!

Nataluscious said...

oh my gosh - Keegan has a similar thing - I mean, the dance is different but its the same idea. He starts running in place in hyper-speed - kind of half run/half jump/half dance move. And he has a face too - different than Donovan's, but so freaking irritating I want to slap it right off his face. I don't of course because that would be wrong, but sometimes I really really want to.

And on a side note - do you know why I like you? (really, the only reason) is that you say things your kids do are dumb or *gasp!* stupid. Sometimes I say that too. Because sometimes they are. And they should know it. haha.