Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We named the dog Indiana

As I tucked Donovan into bed Friday night his grin stretched from ear to ear and his quiet giggles shook his body. His hand came up, fingers together, to cover his mouth as his giggles got harder. "I don't know why I am laughing so much," he said. "I can't help it. I just feel so happy."

Donovan has been in love with Indiana Jones since we brought home the video game. Joel and I had talked about re-watching those movies to see if/when they might be appropriate for Dono. Actually, we didn't even watch the second one since that one still freaks me out. I remembered that the first one had the whole melting-faces thing but wasn't sure if the rest would be ok (we'd fast forward the opening-of-the-ark part). Um, not so much. We watched it and there was just...well it's just a big jump to go from Kung Fu Panda to so much blood and guns. I vaguely remembered the third one being tamer, so Joel and I watched that one. By the time we had finished, I think we were both excited to show it to Donovan (but we had agreed to fast-forward the part where the guy ages super fast and then turns into a skeleton and then dust - yick).

So we began the movie. Let's also just take a moment to appreciate that Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are silver screen GOLD. I love them. Also, there's a fair amount of slapstick/over-the-top stuff that makes it perfect for an impressionable boy. Plus, he's already played the whole game, so he totally knew what was coming next ("They're going to find the passageway in the X!" "This is the part where she turns bad!" "They're going to ride motorcycles now!"). He was also thrilled to see who was playing Mr. Donovan in the movie (hadn't remembered there even WAS a Mr. Donovan until he popped up on the game and I thought it was a fluke).

Throughout the movie he still had a bunch of questions but it was interspersed with, "I'm really enjoying this," or "This movie is so fun!" Soon after Elsa made her appearance with her long wavy blond hair and overly rouged lips, Donovan said, almost sheepishly, "Mom, I really like her red lips. And her long hair." And then later, maybe it was to himself, said, "She's beautiful." When Indiana Jones kissed her, Donovan shrugged and said, "I think I actually like the kissing parts." Oh I'm sure you do, little dude.

Once the movie was over, he just kind of sat there, I think letting the moment wash over him. He sort of shook his head, then grinned, then laughed. Like he couldn't believe what had just happened. Over and over he thanked us for letting him watch the movie, for having the IDEA to let him watch the movie. He's nothing if not grateful.

I've often talked with friends about how, as parents, we want certain experiences for our kids to be as good as we remembered them, or are envisioning it. This was one of those cases where it was even better. As I tucked him in, his hands couldn't quite cover his grin. His eyes danced and his body seemed to vibrate with giggles. He shrugged, moving his hands to cup his cheeks, and rolled to his side, surrendering to the joy, "I just feel so happy right now."

Thank you, Dr. Jones.


Lisa said...

I cannot imagine a kid loving a movie more than that. That is so awesome.

Alice said...

That is SO FUNNY! I love Indian also:) Seen them a million times (except for the 2nd one...only watched that one once...I think it's also weird.)

When Sam was little we used to joke that kissing scenes were his favorite part and tease him because he hated them.

GWACK said...

My parents' dog actually is named Indiana, after those movies. My mom always loved Harrison Ford.

So fun that he loved the movie.

Annie said...

The music teacher that I student taught with in college - dated Harrison Ford when she was in college. She said he is exactly how he is in the movies.